BookTrib's Bites: Sci-Fi, Thriller, the Real You, and Key Political Takeaways


(NewsUSA)The Caduca"The Caduca"
by Elaine Graham-LeighThe planet of Benan Ty is just another poor and violent ex-Terran colony. Now the Chi!me, the major power in the galaxy, are coming to broker a peace deal between guerrilla group ViaVera and the government. For Quila, a rising figure in the Chi!me diplomatic service, the posting to Benan Ty could be the making of her career.Meanwhile, Terise, one of ViaVera’s inner circle, is just trying to get her lover out with his life. But in a conflict where no side’s motivations are pure, they are both about to discover how much they have to lose. Set in a future where humanity has gone to the stars but taken exploitation and oppression with them, this is a story of imperialism, resistance, friendship and, ultimately, liberation. Purchase at Danger Within"The Danger Within"
by E.L. PiniMossad Agent Avner Ehrlich stands before the most cunning enemy he has ever faced — an enemy with innovative and sophisticated methods — that conceals the danger within.Imad Akbariyah, a rising star in Al-Qaeda’s chain of command, recruits a fellow Palestinian doctor to implant the bodies of terrorist Shahids with plastic explosives that allow them to move freely through any security check and effectively create "human ticking bombs." Imad remembers the day his father was killed in front of his eyes by an Israeli commando officer — whom he learns was Ehrlich. Now he seeks revenge.A blood-soaked war is only a matter of time. Ehrlich is fighting not only to prevent the killing of innocent lives but to save his own. Purchase at The Real State of Life"You. The Real State of Life"
by Austin BergmanThis book provides a shockingly honest account of the author’s life after he finally said two words; "I’m gay." It’s easy to shrink into someone else’s expectations of who you should be. While society, family, friends and colleagues are influential, their roles in your life do not include dictating who you are destined to be.He was unhappily married and miserably gay. His life transitioned from being embraced by those who accepted his straight lie to being resented for finally living his truth. Austin risked it all when he traded in his "white picket fence" life and for a new agreement on his terms. Nevertheless, during the darkest hours of his life, he eventually discovered peace, happiness and the real Austin Bergman. Purchase at Things You Were Supposed to Learn from Donald Trump"10 Things You Were Supposed to Learn from Donald Trump"
by Alex CarlisleDonald Trump has had the ability to shake things up and tread where no other man has tread before. Love him or hate him, he is not the kind of man you can ignore. This book takes a practical approach to understanding some of Trump’s most polarizing political and personal actions with the hope that readers can take something away from those actions.This book features more than 500 quotes, newspaper articles and manuscripts that focus on the most dynamic, memorable and poignant moments of Trump’s tenure as POTUS. It is bold and unapologetic. It does not portray Trump as a saint or a sinner but shows how he personified what was in the hearts and minds of many Americans. Purchase at NOTE: BookBites is presented by

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