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(NewsUSA)Sarana and the Dark King"Sarana and the Dark King "
by Ivy KeatingThe ruthless king of Bounten controlled a Valomere – a magical creature that connects with one person and obeys their commands – with the magic to cause instant death. To further his power, he embarked on a quest to find tarilium, the strongest metal known to exist. In pursuit of the precious resource, he ravaged his own villages before planning to invade the other kingdoms. Only one thing could stop his reign of terror — a commoner with a secret past and a powerful Valomere of her own. Purchase at Trial of Billy the Kid"The Trial of Billy the Kid"
by David G. ThomasBiographies of Billy the Kid have provided extensive — and fascinating — details on his life, but only a few paragraphs on his trial for murder and the events leading up to that trial. The result sealed his fate, yet Billy’s trial is the least written about, and, until this book, the least known event of Billy’s adult life.For the first time, get the answers to these questions: Was the trial fair? What were the charges? What kind of defense did Billy present? Did he have witnesses standing for him? Who testified against him? What action by the trial judge virtually guaranteed his conviction? Purchase at Roland"Lake Roland"
by C. Roloson ReeseSome childhood mysteries cast long shadows. Tom O’Malley spent a lifetime trying to escape the one covering his world. His idyllic childhood with his inseparable pal, Mark, is upended when his friend mysteriously disappears one night.Mark’s whereabouts become a decades-long unsolvable question that haunts Tom’s world as he copes with and later overcomes the bitterness of a friendship’s baffling evaporation. The anguish he experiences prepares him well for a world filled with uncertainties, not the least of which includes love and redemption. Purchase at and Possibilities: How to Transform Your Life"Purpose and Possibilities: How to Transform Your Life"
by Elaine J. Brzycki and Henry G. BrzyckiBy exploring their life’s purposes, the authors have created possibilities for people to create happy, healthy, and flourishing lives. Because of the work, people in over 50 countries are prioritizing mental health and well-being in their own individual lives, their families, schools, colleges and universities, and communities. Ideas on how to see and achieve your unique potentials in life; heal yourself from past traumas; transition to a new stage in life that is thriving and successful; connect with your innate passion to make a unique difference; see and feel the power of your hopes and dreams.This book meets the needs of our times for impactful mental health and well-being techniques. Capturing nearly 40 years of counseling expertise and course and program development for individuals, couples, families, and schools, Elaine and Henry Brzycki have produced a book of resources that will transform your life. Purchase at BookTrib’s Bites is presented by

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