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Working together to help maintain bone health in people with multiple myeloma

As we are reminded throughout National Family Caregivers Month in November, taking care of a loved one particular with an illness, such as cancer, can be both physically and emotionally challenging. For caregivers of the about 70,000 American adults at the moment living with the second most typical blood cancer, many myeloma, there are additional responsibilities connected with taking care of their loved ones.

Numerous myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells, a type of white blood cell identified in the bone marrow. More than 21,000 new instances are expected to be diagnosed in 2012, and up to 95 percent of sufferers with advanced-stage several myeloma will experience the disease spreading to their bones. As soon as the disease has spread, individuals can practical experience bone complications such as weakening of the bones and fractures. Especially, African Americans are disproportionately affected by the illness &ndash they are a lot more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with the disease than Caucasians &ndash and the mortality price for many myeloma in the U.S. is two times higher in the African American population compared to the Caucasian population.

To support address this well being situation among the African American community and produce assistance to multiple myeloma individuals and their caregivers, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (&ldquoNovartis&rdquo) is collaborating with the National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a coalition of 34,000 churches across the United States, on &ldquoTo Stay in the Game, Retain Your Frame.&rdquo &ldquoTo Remain in the Game, Sustain Your Frame&rdquo is an educational plan created to educate African Americans about numerous myeloma, the value of maintaining bone wellness, and the want for doctor-patient dialogue to be an active participant in their health.

&ldquoThrough &lsquoTo Remain in the Game, Sustain Your Frame&rsquo we have designed educational materials to inform numerous myeloma patients and their caregivers about basic adjustments that could possibly be produced to a patient&rsquos eating plan, physical routine and residence to help preserve bone health,&rdquo says Reverend Anthony Evans, president of the NBCI. &ldquoWe are excited to perform together with Novartis to supply these new informative resources to the African American neighborhood.&rdquo

Go to the program web-site, www.MaintainYourFrame.com, to find out even more and to obtain several myeloma patient/caregiver education components and tips on sustaining better bone health. Supplies are also offered by way of the NBCI&rsquos coalition of churches spanning 15 denominations and representing 15.7 million African Americans in the U.S.

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