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Tips to protect your pet – and your home – from fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks are on each and every pet owner&rsquos radar when warm weather flourishes. This is the season when each pets and people are itching to get outdoors, but without suitable protection, four-legged pals can finish up itching even a lot more. Even so, if fleas and ticks take hold, and an infestation starts, this seasonal concern can turn into a year-round headache. That&rsquos why many veterinarians advocate parasite prevention all year extended.

Taking precautionary measures will shield your pet from significantly much more than a few bites. Ticks and fleas can spread a variety of ailments and diseases &ndash from Lyme disease and tapeworm, to flea-bite anemia.&nbsp While a number of are downright uncomfortable, some can be quite serious for your pet, and even you.

Fleas and ticks are so tiny that, if they get into your home they can easily hide in carpet, furniture, and other nooks and crannies. In the warm environment of your residence, they can survive year round, no matter where you reside, leaving you and your pets exposed to irritation and illness.

&ldquoProtecting your pet from these pests is as excellent as safeguarding your property,&rdquo says veterinarian Dr. Liz Hanson of the Corona del Mar Animal Hospital in Newport Beach, Calif. &ldquoWhen you have a healthful pet, it&rsquos far more likely that you&rsquoll have a healthy household. Fortunately, setting a protective barrier against fleas and ticks is fast and basic.&rdquo

Comply with these tips from Hanson to make sure that your pets are efficiently shielded from fleas, ticks and other pests:

* Don&rsquot assume that you have to commit a lot of income. If you&rsquore weighing the charges of medication versus infestation, look for reduced-cost choices that are still hugely effective. VetGuard Plus (www.vetguardplus.com) is a triple action formula that is powerful at killing, stopping and repelling pests such as fleas, ticks, lice and mosquitoes. VetGuard Plus exceeds the pest-handle claims of similar drugs, but is obtainable at important cost savings.

* Decide on what&rsquos proper for your pet. Cats and dogs have distinct tolerances, so decide on a medication that is acceptable for the species and size of your pet. VetGuard Plus is a vet-grade quality product obtainable for little, medium, huge and added-huge dogs. In addition, VetGuard is also offered for cats.

* Apply medication appropriately. Topical flea and tick remedy ought to be applied directly on the skin in one or a number of spots along the prime of the neck or back, and in regions your pet can’t reach by mouth. Be sure your dog or cat is totally dry ahead of applying and do not bathe for numerous days soon after the application.

&nbsp&ldquoKeeping your pet and your residence flea and tick cost-free need to be a year-round priority, and if you shop sensible, you can save on top quality flea and tick control for your pet,&rdquo Hanson adds.

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