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Three stress-free tricks to refresh your home from floor to ceiling

Spring is the time of year for renewal. So, it&rsquos no surprise that springtime finds most men and women arranging to rejuvenate their spaces. Four out of 5 Americans have a area in the home in require or redecorating, according to a 2013 study by Homegoods. Sadly, all too often the decorating procedure is a supply of stress and anxiety for home owners. How will you ever afford new furnishings in your living area? How can you be on-trend with out dating your property?

Follow these three ideas to give your house a stress-free, springtime makeover:

Reclaiming your residence&rsquos foundation

Chances are your floors took a beating in the course of the winter. Spring is the best time to set up new flooring and revamp 1 of your home&rsquos most critical components. As the foundation of your house, your flooring needs to complement your personal taste, while living up to your life-style in terms of visitors, household members and pets, exposure to moisture and upkeep required. With the numerous colour and design possibilities, the wide variety of flooring supplies and your personal budgetary considerations, you might find choosing flooring to be especially stressful.

Tapping into the client-focused trends of higher-end and on the web retailers, Tarkett empowers customers as they shop for flooring. Tarkett&rsquos iSelect method delivers specifically what the name promises. It lessens the unknowns, simplifies the choices and introduces an interactive, multi-faceted purchasing encounter. The method starts with sorting a number of flooring alternatives into six inspirational colour households: Champagne Celebrations, Cool Conversations, Earthy Connections, Evening Receptions, Fireside Chats and Warm Gatherings – every providing its personal feel and color space to help you uncover the ideal floor to coordinate with your current furnishings and adjoining floors. Visit www.tarkettna.com/Inspiration/iSelectStory to walk through the iSelect approach and discover the perfect, customized floor for your taste, way of life, price range and even wellness.

Sweat the small stuff

As an alternative of worrying about the new armoire you can&rsquot afford, focus your energy on the finishing touches which can revitalize a space rapidly and inexpensively. Paying attention to the information is a expense-effective and enjoyable way to express oneself in spaces throughout your property, whilst also making each space feel comprehensive.

Mirrors have a magical effect on a space by generating a space feel bigger, reflecting light all through and adding a touch of panache. You can find a wide selection of hanging mirrors to match your taste at discount retailers or you can obtain a mirror at an estate sale or secondhand shop and &ldquoupcycle&rdquo it with a textured coat of Krylon Dual Hammered Finish spray paint in Silver or Dark Bronze.

The sky&rsquos the limit

If you truly want to embrace the warm weather and revitalize a area, it may be time to appear up. One of the most well-liked design trends of 2013 is painting your ceiling. This blank and all-too-frequently-overlooked canvas has tremendous possible to transform a bedroom, living area or dining area. It can be as straightforward as repainting a white ceiling a extremely pale blue or gray to develop the illusion that there is no ceiling. Or if you&rsquore feeling bolder, you can make your ceiling a key accent element that offers a dull space a bright or daring splash of color.

Spring decorating ought to be an enriching knowledge, rather than a stressful one particular. Regardless of whether it&rsquos spending budget, time or merely selecting among the vast quantity of possibilities obtainable, the usual redecorating anxiety triggers can be eliminated by focusing on simpler, expense-effective and empowering decor options.

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