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Three home improvement tips to help you breathe easier

One in 5 Americans suffer from allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). As the 2013 allergy season starts, specialists warn that it may possibly be 1 of the worst in current years, with people experiencing an unusually powerful reaction due to improved tree pollen.

But tiny consideration is paid to the impact of indoor air on allergies, asthma and common health. We spend an average of roughly 90 % or much more of our time indoors, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA reports that &ldquoindoor levels of pollutants might be two to five occasions larger, and occasionally more than 100 times larger, than outdoor levels.&rdquo

How does this effect your next house improvement project? A survey by Angie’s List revealed Americans commit much more than $ 300 billion annually on remodeling projects. Yet these endeavors generally concentrate solely on a home&rsquos aesthetics even though ignoring one crucial consideration: Is your home healthful?

Start at the bottom

We all want stunning floors in our properties. Several folks, nevertheless, don&rsquot realize that some new flooring can threaten your indoor air quality. When flooring is installed, you may notice an odor for a few days or even weeks. The odor may possibly mean noxious gases are emitting from the supplies used throughout installation. And these emissions, especially these resulting from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), could potentially have significant, long-term effects on your overall health – as well as an immediate impact on the overall health of household members with asthma or allergies.

The great news is gorgeous flooring options are now obtainable that are certified &ldquoasthma and allergy friendly&rdquo by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. In 2010, Tarkett Flooring committed sources toward developing flooring options which support people breathe simpler. The organization&rsquos FiberFloor is the industry&rsquos only residential flooring presently certified by the AAFA. To earn this certification, the flooring underwent rigorous testing by the AAFA and successfully met the following criteria:

* Installation of the flooring does not result in elevated levels of chemical substances.

* The flooring has a low capacity for retaining allergens.

* The recommended cleaning of the flooring will not result in exposure to airborne allergens.

Furthermore, other flooring options offered by Tarkett, such as its luxury vinyl tiles and planks and laminates, are FloorScore-certified by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) together with Scientific Certification Systems for greater indoor air high quality.

Tarkett&rsquos &ldquoiSelect&rdquo system simplifies flooring alternatives and introduces buyers to an interactive, multi-faceted buying expertise.&nbsp The method starts with six inspirational colour families: Champagne Celebrations, Hushed Conversations, Earthy Connections, Evening Receptions, Fireside Chats, and Warm Gatherings – each and every offering its own really feel and color space to assist you find the ideal floor to meet your design, durability and overall health requirements although also coordinating with your current furnishings and adjoining floors.

Spring for PVC-totally free accessories

Did you know that your shower curtain can be one particular of the greatest sources of noxious gas in your house? Many property owners purchase PVC shower curtains and liners simply because of their functionality and ease of cleaning. Even so, according to &ldquoPractically Green,&rdquo a site for folks interested in green living, a current study &ldquofound that 108 various volatile organic compounds, such as these known to cause developmental, liver, nervous system, respiratory and reproductive damage, had been released into indoor air by PVC shower curtains.&rdquo Replacing current shower curtains and liners with PVC-totally free items are fast and affordable fixes that will make your bathrooms healthier for the whole family.

Manage mold and mildew

If you&rsquore noticing moisture or mold developing up on your windows, have your residence checked by an power rater or a building analyst. To avoid moisture from obtaining in your windows, pick windows made with double pane, insulated glass to develop an insulating barrier and hold moisture, mildew or mold from creating. For added energy savings, you can opt for a Low Emissivity or &ldquoLo-E&rdquo coating to preserve heat from radiating beyond the side of the window where it originated. You&rsquoll save on your heating and air conditioning bills although also minding your overall health.

House improvements need to be a proud reminder that your house is your castle and you treat it effectively. This year, think about investing in simple projects that can also boost the wellness of the castle&rsquos residents.

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