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This winter, don’t let dry, uncomfortable skin happen to you: Tips for keeping skin touchably smooth

With winter weather comes the inevitable &ndash dry, itchy, uncomfortable skin due to loss of moisture. With harsh winds and snow outdoors, you&rsquoll want to cuddle up with a loved a single but dry, flaky and cracked skin could make you apprehensive warming up subsequent to that particular someone.&nbsp

It&rsquos simple to get soft, smooth skin, even in the winter &ndash you just have to make positive you&rsquore taking a couple of added precautionary steps. With the proper tactics, you can stay away from the dry skin that happens when the weather requires a turn for the bitter, and reveal wholesome-looking, smooth skin that&rsquos irresistible to touch &ndash best for those cold nights.

Overall skin dryness

If you&rsquore experiencing dry skin, there are a few items that can aid. Although a hot shower can really feel great on a cold day, attempt turning the temperature down just a bit as exposure to extreme temperature adjustments can weaken your skin&rsquos organic defenses. Run a humidifier in your room as you sleep to expose your skin to a lot more moisture for extended periods of time. In addition to producing confident exposed skin is covered up when outdoors, use a moisturizing lotion daily such as NIVEA Extended Moisture Physique Lotion. NIVEA&rsquos patented HYDRA IQ formula operates with the skin&rsquos own hydration network to produce a organic layer of moisture that can offer up to 48 hours of relief.

Dry nose, ears and lips

Scarves aren&rsquot only a fashionable addition to your wardrobe in the winter they can also help safeguard your skin from the elements. Covering your ears, nose and lips can assist prevent painful cracking by safeguarding sensitive skin from the elements. If you know you&rsquoll probably to knowledge irritation in your lips and nostrils, preserve lip balm and ointment in your winter jacket so you can apply it before you&rsquore exposed to cold air for long amounts of time.

Dry scalp

If you notice your scalp obtaining dry in the winter, you might have to switch to a shampoo and conditioner with a lot more moisturizing properties. Wash your hair regularly, but also limit bath time, as the Mayo Clinic warns that extended baths or showers can remove moisturizing oils from your skin.

Winter can typically be the most challenging time for skin, but by becoming proactive with your skin care habits such as moisturizing daily and maintaining covered, you can preserve your self feeling comfortable and your skin searching good. For more data on skin care products match for winter, pay a visit to www.NIVEAusa.com.

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