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The skinny on lighter fare for summer

Summer time is a time to switch out our wardrobes, exchange coats for swimsuits and boots for flip-flops. But if the winter months took a toll on your waistline you may not want to shed those added layers. Lighten up for warmer summer season days by generating straightforward swaps and conscious diet plan choices.&nbsp

It&rsquos achievable to take pleasure in light summer time dining without having sacrificing taste, variety or entertaining &ndash all the excellent factors we associate with warm weather consuming. Here are concepts for much better-for-you versions of some summer favorites:

1. Much better barbecue

What would summer time be without barbecue? Grilling is a hallowed tradition of summer, but sugary barbecue sauces and fatty cuts of meat can derail the organic healthfulness of grilling. Ahead of you fire up the grill this summer season, take into account approaches to make your barbecue greater for you.

Start off by preparing your personal sauces and marinades (store-bought varieties are often loaded with sugar). You can lighten up virtually any sauce or marinade recipe by replacing refined sugars with all-natural alternatives, such as fruit juice or honey.

When picking what to marinate and grill, maintain in thoughts that many lean meats &ndash such as poultry and fish &ndash cook effectively on the grill. You can lighten up your burgers by replacing high-fat beef with leaner ground meats such as turkey, or beef that is 90 percent fat-free of charge.

two. Chipping away at fatty snacks

No summer celebration would be complete with no chips and dip, but some of your favorites can be the worst offenders when it comes to excess calories and fat. Luckily, you don&rsquot have to sacrifice chips &ndash or excellent flavor &ndash to trim some calories. Look for lighter versions of your favourite chips, such as Cape Cod&rsquos lowered fat line of potato chips. These kettle-cooked chips include 40 % significantly less fat than the leading brand of potato chips, but with the same distinctive taste and crunch as the original Cape Cod varieties. Created from fresh-sliced potatoes that are cooked in one hundred percent canola oil, Cape Cod&rsquos lowered fat chips contain no trans fats, chemical additives or dehydrated potato flakes.

Be confident to dip your reduced fat potato chips in better-for-you dips. Some well-liked dips, such as salsa and hummus, are naturally lighter, but creamier dips can be higher in fat. You can lighten up favourite dips by substituting fat-free of charge yogurt for larger-calorie bases like mayonnaise or sour cream. If your dip recipe calls for cooking oil, opt for healthier oils like canola or olive. If you&rsquore not a fan of tomato salsa, try fruit salsa, produced with peaches or watermelon. &nbsp

3. Slimmed down sipping

What would summer time be with out a festive cocktail or two? Alcohol, however, consists of a lot of empty calories. You can lighten up your summer cocktails in a number of techniques, from foregoing the liquor altogether to choosing reduce-calorie possibilities.

Commence with a lighter base for your cocktail, such as tonic or soda water. Keep away from sweet syrups or fruit juices with added sugar. Don&rsquot overlook the power of a wonderful garnish, which can add a punch of flavor. You can turn just about any light cocktail recipe into a frozen treat by tossing it in the blender with some crushed ice.

4. Perk up your iced coffee

Iced coffee is a fantastic summer time refresher, but many coffee shop varieties can be loaded with sugar and high fat cream. To make your own lighter summer time version, commence by brewing your favourite coffee. Sweeten with honey or stevia and use skim milk or fat-free of charge half and half to lighten the coffee. Stay away from heavy cream and complete milk, typical sugar or any sort of syrup. Make it a mocha by adding half a packet of sugar-free cocoa mix.

For a frozen treat, run your iced coffee through a blender with some crushed ice &ndash adding volume with out adding calories.

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