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The aging population: a benefit, not burden

With life expectancy increasing, the percentage of population over age 60 is booming. By 2030, the population over 60 will be expanding 3.five instances as rapidly as the total population, according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

While some look at this as a possible burden on the wellness care business and society, Greg Sebasky, chairman of Philips North America, looks at this trend as an chance. He says this is a time to connect with properly-rounded, productive and intelligent men and women and reap what the Philips Center for Wellness and Nicely-Being calls, the &ldquolongevity dividend.&rdquo

All citizens have an essential function to play to guarantee everyone has the opportunity to acquire this longevity dividend. Right here are 5 methods to take to aid shift a perceived burden into a lasting, positive advantage for society:

1. Appreciate the contributions of older citizens. Saying &ldquothank you&rdquo to a loved ones member for sharing a classic family members recipe or to a neighbor for keeping a watchful eye on your house is an simple way to bring to light the every-day dividends.

two. Find out from history. Older citizens have noticed much more of society&rsquos ups and downs, from a macro planet view to a micro household point of view. They have the advantage of expertise that can assist everyone shape new approaches to challenges faced &ndash whether or not in the residence, at work or about town. Ask for guidance and listen to the input.

3. Plug in. Aid hold citizens engaged with family members and friends by showing them technologies such as e mail or social media, or bookmark links to helpful sites. Performing so will keep elderly residents connected whilst preserving independence.

4. Provide employment. Several newly-retired citizens would benefit from the ongoing mental and social stimulation supplied by a workplace, even for a few hours a week. Think about posting jobs at senior community centers so active residents can very easily understand about new possibilities.

five. Be an advocate. Speak up at town meetings and preserve an ongoing dialog with neighborhood officials to consider the aging population in town organizing, budgeting and assistance services. Remind officials of the social capital provided by these critical residents, and how considering their wants will aid the community as a whole.

By shifting perceptions of the elderly&rsquos contributions to the neighborhood, society can take the essential first step to reaping these positive impacts of the longevity dividend. The Philips Center for Health and Nicely Becoming&rsquos Believe Tank on Aging Effectively delivers solutions for citizens, non-earnings and government officials at www.philips-thecenter.org/Aging-Properly.

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