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Bunion blues: Don’t think you’re immune

Believe you&rsquore too young, too healthy or too cool to ever endure from bunions? Believe once again. Bunions are the most widespread sort of foot woes podiatrists treat each day, and if you&rsquore a woman, you are...

How to stay productive and not infect the office when you’re sick

Every single year, American workers miss 100 million workdays due to the flu alone. There&rsquos a trace of irony in that number: Many of those days wouldn&rsquot have to be lost if those who had been sick stayed hous...

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Food labels 101: Do you really know what you’re eating? Certified organic and natural – what’s the difference?

With so many people trying to improve their eating habits, the good news is that there are a lot more healthy options on store shelves than ever before. But the dizzying array of products makes it hard to know what the best cho...