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Know your options when selecting a treatment for metastatic melanoma

After a diagnosis of metastatic melanoma, it can be difficult to understand the different treatment options that are available. Every case is unique and there is no single answer for which treatment may be best for you. But it ...
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Peripheral Artery Disease: Screening and early treatment can save your legs and your life

Frequent leg cramps, leg discomfort when walking and slow-to-heal sores on your feet are annoying, but did you know they can also be symptoms of a serious disease? Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) happens when there is narrowing...

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Delaying treatment for minor health issues could cost more in the long run

Many families go through a check and balance process when it comes to their health. They try to determine if avoiding the cost of medical bills as well as time off from work is worth the risk of delaying medical treatment for a...