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Energy-efficiency: the remodeling trend that’s here to stay

Remodeling trends come and go, which is a good thing if you’re talking about shag carpet or avocado-colored Formica. But some trends have both staying power and universal appeal, such as the strengthening movement toward ...

Lunchbox classics get a better-for-you update … and that’s no baloney

Can kids get pleasure from their favorite lunchtime standbys and be healthier also? Yes, says Liz Weiss, registered dietitian and founder of The important to a homerun for lunch, according to Weiss, is to ...

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What’s your ‘TV persona’? Picking the set that’s right for you

Long gone are the days when TVs were a “one size fits all” proposition, when all you really wanted was the right size box for your living room: a picture tube TV with an unassuming appearance, only matched by its ar...