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Know how to keep young athletes playing safe and strong

Playing sports is fantastic for little ones. It teaches them the importance of teamwork, assists them keep physically active and creates constructive habits that last a lifetime. An injury, however, can sideline young athletes ...

Dull, brittle locks? Follow the 4 expert rules for strong, beautiful hair

For years, girls have been working at the ends of hair, rather than the foundation &ndash the scalp. Now, it is time to commence working at the appropriate finish of hair. Ninety-nine percent of hair&rsquos all-natura...


Experts say the scalp is the foundation for strong, beautiful hair

Whether hair is wavy or straight, dry or fine, one thing most women have in common is the desire for strong, beautiful hair. In fact, 80 percent of women say they feel more confident when they have a good hair day, according to...