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Setting the stage for great game-day watching

When you&rsquore playing a sport, the playing field is a key component of the knowledge, no matter whether it&rsquos a muddy lot in the neighborhood park or leading-top quality turf in a pro-style stadium. When you�...

Use luxury and glamour to create an affordable bathroom spa setting

There are showers, and then there are luxurious &ldquoshowering experiences,&rdquo that wake you up in the morning, and refresh you after a extended day of work. It&rsquos one factor to take pleasure in a spa-lik...


Setting the tone for your wedding: Start with invitations

You might have had a vision for your wedding as a kid, but that’s likely changed – and dramatically so – over the years. Your style changes, and then you meet your spouse-to-be, who brings a whole other perspe...