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Home Improvement

Good looks or good sense? Home designs that don’t make you choose

Ever bought a great-hunting faucet only to uncover you can&rsquot very easily turn it on with a single hand? Or found that you can&rsquot stand to sit for a lot more than a few minutes on that new sofa that looked so ...

Natural, balanced and beyond: Making sense of dog food labels

Dogs are man&rsquos best buddy, so it&rsquos only organic to want to give him the greatest care, from the veterinarian he goes to, appropriate down to the food you put in his bowl each day. But in a world filled with ...

Senior Living

Aging-in-place upgrades that look great and make sense

Do the words &ldquoaging in spot&rdquo and &ldquohome improvement&rdquo conjure pictures of institutional-hunting grab bars in bathrooms and overhead kitchen lights that could illuminate an airport runway? M...