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Dull, brittle locks? Follow the 4 expert rules for strong, beautiful hair

For years, girls have been working at the ends of hair, rather than the foundation &ndash the scalp. Now, it is time to commence working at the appropriate finish of hair. Ninety-nine percent of hair&rsquos all-natura...

Break some rules and have fun with holiday entertaining

Ralph Waldo Emerson once mentioned, &ldquoPeople are continually getting ready to reside but by no means living.&rdquo This year as thousands of information that surround vacation gatherings threaten to ruin your vaca...

Real Estate

Five rules for buying a foreclosure or short sale with confidence

Buyers are still clamoring for real estate deals in this turbulent market. Foreclosures and short sales offer some of the best bargains, but also have a higher risk level. Still, more than four in five adults think foreclosures...