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Do you buckle up your kids? New research shows one in four parents don’t

Most parents know that little ones are safest in a car when buckled up. But there are conditions when families determine to take a threat by not buckling up their young children on each ride. A new survey reveals 1 in 4 parents...
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New research shows people over 50 look forward to golden years, with ‘good health’ and ‘wisdom’ as leading reasons

(BPT) – With 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day – and according to recently released research, a majority of them expecting to live to nearly 90 – the celebration of older Americans is a developing trend, a...


New research shows health benefits of salt

In a recent New York Times article, award winning science journalist Gary Taubes describes the considerable efforts and expenditures made by government public health agencies to support and promote salt restriction, despite cli...