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Home Improvement

How to tackle household chores quickly this fall

As fall approaches, the daylight hours are dwindling, kids are headed back to school, and the lazy days of summer will soon be long forgotten. As you establish new routines, it seems like there are 10 additional tasks to handle...

Revive your bathroom quickly, easily and affordably

Remodeling projects have increased in popularity over the past few years as homeowners have decided to improve on what they have, rather than take a risk in the real estate market. Whether you’re hoping to sell your home ...


Distracted driving laws quickly changing use of smartphones while driving

Distracted driving is receiving lots of attention – in the media and in the legislature. One cause of distracted driving is use of electronic devices, and since January, new federal regulations prevent commercial drivers ...

Need power for your business quickly? There’s an online solution

When the power goes out in your home, it’s rarely more than an inconvenience. When a business loses power, however, the results can be downright devastating. From hurricanes that leave thousands of homes and businesses wi...