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Cómo superar obstáculos que impiden una óptima consejería de salud mental

Cuando se trata de buscar consejería profesional para problemas de salud mental, existen numerosas barreras que impiden recibir la ayuda que se desea y necesita. Según una encuesta realizada recientemente por la U...

How to find the right mental health practitioner

While many Americans are familiar with the process of finding a medical doctor that suits their needs, not everyone is comfortable and confident in doing the same when it comes to their mental health practitioner. “Select...

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It’s Mental Health Awareness Month: Take Time to Evaluate Your Antidepressant

Of the 15 million American adults who suffer from major depression each year, less than 25 percent currently receive treatment despite the fact that depression can be effectively managed with therapy and medication. May is Ment...