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Home Improvement

Ideas to inspire home remodeling projects

With new home trends emerging, it’s an ideal time to collect ideas to inspire your next home improvement plans. Nearly 60 percent of homeowners surveyed by real estate site Zillow plan to complete a home improvement proje...
Real Estate

Easier mortgage processes, positive attitudes inspire renters to buy

Owning a residence has been an integral element of the American Dream for generations. But is ownership correct for you? And if it is, how do you know if it&rsquos the appropriate time in your life to purchase a residence?...


Innovations inspire high school girls to become next generation of female innovators, change the world through STEM

When the high school class of 2014 graduates from college in 5 years, more than eight million jobs will be available in the fields of science, technologies, engineering and math (STEM). For students these days, STEM is their fu...