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Green Living

Geothermal systems provide energy independence for more homeowners

For years Dwight Nadig and his wife suffered through the cold winters in their York, Pa., ranch-style home, originally built in 1979. “We have no access to natural gas in our neighborhood, so we had oil heat,” says ...
Senior Living

Baby boomers and driving vision – maintaining safety and independence

Child boomers, those born among 1946 and 1964, are aging differently than any generation in U.S. history. Right now, older Americans remain far more active later in life, working longer and engaging in hobbies and recreational ...


Declaring energy independence for a brighter future

It is time to make history by changing history. For more than 40 years – and through eight presidents – the United States has been dependent on foreign oil to power the nation. Today, energy independence is a realis...