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Top men’s grooming experts offer tips for surviving the harsh winter weather

Most guys spend very little time paying attention to personal grooming and, as the winter months roll in, this can have a direct impact not just on how they look, but how they feel. To help men stay one step ahead in the groomi...

Holiday dog grooming 101: How to get your pet ready for the party

The holidays are going to the dogs. More than 60 percent of owners include their pets in holiday cards or give them a gift, according to Furthermore, 80 percent of pets participate in holiday celebrations. No mat...


Look what the dog dragged in: How routine grooming can keep ticks and fleas at bay this summer

As the weather grows warmer, so grows the abundance of ticks and fleas that can cause havoc for pets and households. Not only are these pesky parasites responsible for spreading Lyme disease and other harmful bacteria, but this...