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Balance-boosting footwear tips for older Americans

Balance in all aspects of life is a good thing. We work hard but make time for fun, love our children while setting boundaries, and eat healthy to enjoy a sundae on Friday night. But mental equilibrium isn’t the only kind...

Flip-flop fans: Hard, cold facts about your favorite hot weather footwear

It&rsquos simple to understand why we all enjoy flip-flops: They&rsquore cute and comfy, keep your feet cool in warm climate, and are wonderful for displaying off that fab pedicure you just got. But no matter how sign...


Safely climb the corporate ladder: Shopping tips for healthy office footwear

(BPT) – From surgeons to chefs, people who spend long hours standing at work take steps to ensure their feet stay healthy, including wearing comfortable, supportive shoes. Yet even people who sit in offices all day can be...