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Expert tips to provide birds with basic needs to weather winter

(BPT) – Winter is prime time for attracting birds. Beckoning birds to your backyard in winter can be easier than in any other season if you provide what they need to weather and survive the coldest months. Scarcity of nat...

Expert advice on keeping your health care costs down

Health care expenditures totaled roughly 2.6 trillion dollars in 2010, more than 10 times what they were in 1980. Average families are feeling the increases – health insurance premiums for a typical family of four have in...

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Expert Q&A: Wear and Tear or Osteoarthritis of the Knee

More than 10 million Americans begin their day with their usual routine, only to discover the spring in their step has been replaced by a creak in their knees. “Wear and tear” disease or osteoarthritis (OA) of the k...