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To reduce Lyme disease risks, keep tick-carrying deer out of your yard

Colder weather’s arrival means homeowners across the country brace themselves for the battle against bold, foraging deer. But with recent reports that Lyme disease – transmitted by ticks that live on deer – is...

Got deer? Freeze them out this winter

(BPT) – Deer are beautiful, graceful animals, we cannot deny it. But when it comes to where deer decide to dine, most of us just don’t want them outside our windows foraging through our foliage. Their beauty and gra...

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How to get rid of deer before they devour your yard and garden

(ARA) -Springtime means sunshine, blooms, birdsong – and the dreaded “deer drama” that will inevitably wreak havoc in your beautiful backyard this season. Deer are now a permanent part of our landscapes, braze...