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Empowering patients to become self-health advocates through use of technology

Advances in technologies have shaped the way we communicate and have enabled the modern day-day patient to very easily connect with medical authorities, patient advocates and other individuals living with their disease. Through...

Innovations inspire high school girls to become next generation of female innovators, change the world through STEM

When the high school class of 2014 graduates from college in 5 years, more than eight million jobs will be available in the fields of science, technologies, engineering and math (STEM). For students these days, STEM is their fu...


Want to get paid to go to the gym? Become a personal trainer

A single upside to the burgeoning obesity epidemic is that it&rsquos fueling the development of jobs in the fitness industry.&nbsp Whether or not you&rsquore one of those folks in need of a private trainer or you...
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Become a produce professional: healthy eats from farm to family

(BPT) – Local. That’s the buzzword when it comes to healthy eats these days. From the farm to the city, locally grown goods are keeping menus fresh and food lovers satisfied. This trend is on the rise in hot-spot re...
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Why offers to become a ‘mystery shopper’ require lots of scrutiny

Being paid to shop – a dream come true, right? Not so fast. While legitimate “mystery shopper” programs that pay people to shop and provide feedback on their experience exist, there are a number of scams out t...