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Surprising, affordable upgrades can give your home a whole new look

Certain, kitchen and bath renovations get all the glamour and credit for offering high returns on your investment when it&rsquos time to sell your home. But a host of other, frequently-overlooked improvements can also supply fantastic ROI &ndash whilst fully changing the look of your house at a fraction of the price of bigger projects.

&ldquoImprovements like upgrading your property&rsquos stair case can give a residence a fresh look swiftly and affordably,&rdquo says Dale L. Reutter, president, WM Coffman, which has been making and distributing stair items for more than 130 years. &ldquoThese upgrades can offer you impressive ROI, and also enhance the enjoyment and usability of your property.&rdquo

If you&rsquore looking for home improvements that will pay off in the long-term, plus give your residence a fresh appear now, think about these high-effect, reduce-expense upgrades:

* Alter the front door. The door to your residence is not only a key element of its exterior look, the door can set expectations for what guests will see inside your residence as effectively. A new front door makes a statement for each the inside and outdoors of your home. When you sell your property, that new front door can return as a lot as 73 percent of the initial expense for steel doors and almost 54 percent for fiberglass doors, according to Remodeling Magazine&rsquos Price vs. Value Report.

* Layer and upgrade lighting in crucial rooms such as living rooms and loved ones rooms. Replacing outdated lights can generate a fresh, attractive atmosphere in a space. But don&rsquot quit at overhead fixtures. Layer your lighting by adding new floor lamps and table lamps. A assortment of lighting sources and varieties allows you to alter moods in a space with the flip of a couple of switches.

* Repaint ceilings and baseboards. While you might be conscious of the rewards of painting walls, many homeowners overlook the value of painting ceilings and baseboards. Repainting a ceiling &ndash even if it&rsquos plain white &ndash dramatically brightens a room. The exact same is accurate for painting trim the freshness of updated trim can draw the complete space together. So the next time you paint a room, be positive to do ceilings and trim as properly.

While these upgrades can aid you price-effectively adjust your decor, when you&rsquore looking for high impact, flexibility and affordability, updating your stairway is one particular of the very best investments you can make. Many modern day floor plans location the stairway front and center, producing it the 1st style element guests see when they enter. However when it comes time to renovate, a lot of people overlook the style possible of this functional element in their property.

The look and positioning of the staircase impacts the flow of the property and sets the tone for the complete property. Modifying a staircase can open up a floor strategy and boost usable square footage. It can also assist you redefine the theme of your decor from standard to contemporary or even contemporary. For example, replacing old wooden balusters with iron can aid you develop a cohesive appear with other metallic style elements in the house, such as doorknobs or faucets.

A range of items &ndash from decorative balusters to newel posts and newel tops &ndash make it effortless and cost-effective to create a custom look for virtually any stairway. WM Coffman delivers a range of goods in a selection of styles to fit with any property decor theme. To learn a lot more about staircase possibilities and for a free of charge stair design tool, check out www.wm-coffman.com.

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