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Smart, stylish renovations for any age

Most Americans over 50 want to stay in their home as they age, but handful of are generating the renovations they want to make sure simple and comfy living for years to come.

In fact, 80 percent of men and women older than 50 say they would choose to stay in their house indefinitely, according to an AARP survey. The Hartford and MIT Age Labs located that although 96 % of infant boomers are conscious of the changes they could make to their existing residence to make it far more comfy as they develop older, only 26 percent have created such modifications.

Consider some of the following functional, yet gorgeous, touches that support make a residence safer and more comfy for residents of all ages.

* Hardwood floors

Replacing carpet with hardwood floors can support accommodate troubles ranging from respiratory difficulties to decreased mobility. As opposed to carpet, hardwood flooring doesn&rsquot trap dust, pollen or other particles that lead to troubles for these with allergies and respiratory concerns. Wheelchairs and other mobility equipment can glide far more simply more than a hard surface, and hardwood floors need far much less upkeep. Property owners can pick from a variety of hardwood flooring choices that meet their demands and match their spending budget at retailers such as Lumber Liquidators, North America&rsquos biggest specialty hardwood flooring retailer.

* New furniture

Altering out furnishings can make a enormous difference in the comfort and style of a home. Enhance maneuverability by permitting ample area in between furnishings, and by selecting accessible pieces such as counter-height dining tables and chairs. Likewise, it&rsquos less difficult to sit in and stand from firmer sofas and chairs than deeper, softer alternatives.

* Kitchen updates

Kitchen shelves that pull out make utensils, pots and pans, and components a lot much more accessible, and do not require a kitchen remodel. A wide range of items and kits allow homeowners to effortlessly set up sliding shelves themselves, or they can hire a contractor to do the job. Also, think about swapping out knobs for handles on cabinets and drawers to make them far more accessible and simpler to use.

* Much more lighting

Make sure all places of your home &ndash inside and outside &ndash are effectively lit. Pendant lamps, inset ceiling lights and track lighting aid illuminate a space from above, preventing glare that can cause temporary blindness. Opt for switches to turn lights on and off, and locate them at the entrances of every single room. If a property&rsquos wiring isn&rsquot set up this way, the homeowner may require to make contact with an electrician.

As we age, we want to remain as independent as attainable, which contains becoming in a position to remain in our personal home for as lengthy as feasible. With a handful of functional modifications, home owners can generate a stunning space now that can allow them to live far more comfortably later.

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