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Simple tips to declutter your digital life

Owning a number of gadgets is no longer the domain of tech geeks &ndash it&rsquos the new normal for just about absolutely everyone. Amongst numerous computers, phones, tablets, readers and music players, and the files that fill them up, individuals have a lot on their digital hands. Simply because that can be each expensive and cumbersome, men and women are on the lookout for new ways to save cash and sync up across platforms.

Fortunately, 2013 looks as although it&rsquoll be a year complete of innovations for gadget jugglers &ndash and particularly music fans. And right after the present-providing rush of the holidays, men and women will be hunting for new techniques to make their devices interact, so that they can streamline their digital lives.

1 of the very best locations to get began is with your music collection. For most individuals, it&rsquos not uncommon to have hundreds or thousands of music files. While that selection is enjoyable, these higher numbers have some underlying consequences. Initial, the sheer expense of paying for those songs and albums, and second, the quantity of space they take up. And if your music isn&rsquot shareable across platforms, there&rsquos a severe frustration factor.

How can you declutter your life in the new year? A digital music subscription is a single of the best places to get began, providing a range of benefits:

1. Cost cutting. Digital music subscriptions provide millions of licensed songs and albums, generally for around $ ten per month. Weighing that price tag against what you&rsquod spend for person tracks, the savings can add up speedily. For instance, a premium subscription to Sony Entertainment Network&rsquos Music Limitless service offers customers access to far more than 18 million songs from all of the key labels and numerous independents and fees below $ 120 for the whole year.

2. Access anywhere. Digital subscriptions make it simple to access music across devices like private computers, iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles and far more. So there&rsquos no need to have to buy but yet another gadget to have all the music you want at your fingertips, wherever you are. There is even offline playback for Android devices so you do not need to be connected to the world wide web to enjoy your favourite music. You can also skip the time commitment of syncing and downloading &ndash your catalog automatically syncs with every single compatible device you connect to your account.

3. Maintain it secure. If you&rsquove ever gotten a &ldquono files located&rdquo message or lost a device, you know the panic that the thought of losing your music collection will induce. A digital subscription keeps your library secure in the cloud, so that you don&rsquot require to fear losing it all &ndash and having to replace it.

4. Discover new music. A defining element of being a music lover is often looking for great new music. An added advantage of a digital subscription is that it makes it possible for you to discover bands you haven&rsquot heard of ahead of some services also provide functions to help you navigate the alternatives available based on your preferences. Aside from delivering all of the most recent album releases, Sony&rsquos Music Limitless service hosts dozens and dozens of pre-programmed channels and added channels produced by user preference by means of My Channels.

As you ring in 2013, start off the new year by cutting down the clutter and optimizing your digital life. Take the first step by attempting the Music Unlimited service &ndash there is a free of charge 14 day trial to get you began. Understand a lot more at music.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com.

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