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Seven big trends for small businesses in 2013

Right now, if you inform somebody you&rsquoll be in touch, he or she may not only ask when, but how. Modern technology has substantially changed the way we communicate, delivering numerous ways to stay connected at any time. For little and medium-sized organizations, this indicates massive possibilities to remain competitive, supplied that they recognize technology trends and use them to their advantage.

Verify out these major trends set to amplify in 2013, supplying companies with key approaches to preserve profits and consumer satisfaction up:

Trend 1: Appear to the clouds

Everybody is speaking about cloud technologies these days, which basically means remote computing, leveraging the World wide web. This is excellent news for modest and medium-sized companies since cloud-primarily based systems provide a plethora of tools, save expenses and reduce maintenance. For instance, cloud programs can help handle payroll, invoicing, phone systems, documents, customer management, company analytics and backup systems. On the internet cloud solutions frequently utilized by small firms consist of Skype, Dropbox and Google Docs.

Trend two: The era of social media

Social media&rsquos growth continues to boom, and firms no longer have the option of ignoring this outreach possible. It&rsquos expense powerful and connects you to clients in approaches in no way prior to feasible. Use Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and blogs as component of your enterprise&rsquo social media program. The relationships you can build with crucial consumers and the feedback they offer is invaluable.

Trend three: Your workplace is everywhere

Technology enables men and women to remain connected and work from virtually anyplace, meaning the terms &ldquooff the clock&rdquo or &ldquoaway from the workplace&rdquo are going extinct. Whether or not you&rsquore operating from house, at the office, or in a coffee shop, it is crucial to be accessible at all times, particularly if you run a tiny or medium-size company. Regardless of whether your preferred device is a laptop, tablet or smartphone, staying connected is a need to.

Trend four: Video conferencing rather of organization travel

Traveling is pricey and time-consuming. Video conferencing is a low-price way to meet with consumers, prospects and suppliers from virtually anywhere with computer and World wide web access. Typical video conferencing resources incorporate Skype, ooVoo and Cisco WebEx, producing it effortless to communicate with men and women or groups.

Trend five: Applications keep items moving

Apps are not just exciting and games &ndash a lot of are produced particularly for the mobile workplace, generating on-the-go operate straightforward. Plantronics Instant Meeting app, for instance, enables 1-click access to conference calls from a smartphone &ndash no need to have to don’t forget lengthy conference codes and leader PINs when you&rsquore out and about. Other beneficial mobile office apps contain Documents to Go and QuickOffice, offering effective access to documents, agendas and analytics.

Trend 6: Speak just got more affordable

Extended distance phone calls to workers, consumers and prospects can swiftly improve a telephone bill. Internet-hosted phone systems are becoming much more well-liked simply because they are low price, flexible and low maintenance. Skype is a very good instance of a voice-more than-Internet service that permits people to communicate by means of video, voice and instant messaging utilizing a headset.

Trend 7:&nbsp Devices talk amongst themselves

Think how much much more efficient your communications would be if all your devices worked with each other. Luckily, that now is happening and the technologies trend is aptly referred to as Unified Communications (UC). It delivers voice, email, SMS, video conferencing and document sharing into a single interface so that you very easily can relay any or all of your data to others.

With a laptop, Net connection, Skype and a headset, you can conduct company from just about anywhere at any time. To find out a lot more about these trends, go to www.plantronics.com/BigTrends. Even even though at initial it could appear overwhelming to adopt each and every of these trends, when you do, you&rsquoll find that it&rsquos simpler than you consider and a wise way to aid your business thrive.&nbsp

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