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Serving God and your country: Be the one service members seek to provide constant spiritual guidance both at home and overseas

What ever their backgrounds, beliefs and duties, Sailors have religious wants that must be met whilst they are answering the contact to serve their country.&nbsp They need to have guidance, moral help and worship possibilities &ndash services especially crucial to support guide them via the challenges of the job and loved ones life. &nbsp

Establishing religious assistance for service members isn&rsquot something new. Back in 1775, the Continental Congress recognized the significance of religion for Sailors, and required that services be held on Continental Congress ships. Later, throughout Globe War II, big numbers of civilian clergy stepped forward and enlisted to meet the religious demands of millions serving in the United States Navy. Today, the Navy&rsquos Chaplain Corps consists of active duty and Reserve Chaplains who tend to the spiritual and emotional needs of all military members and their households.

Navy Chaplains and Religious Program Specialists from the Religious Ministry Group are obtainable to meet the religious needs of Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen. The Navy Chaplain Corps is produced up of far more than 800 Navy Chaplains representing much more than one hundred distinct faith groups. All Chaplains are Navy Officers, meaning every holds an crucial leadership role practicing ministry and supplying faith leadership as well as private guidance in a ministry that is actually 24/7. Chaplains reside, work, consume and pray with their fellow shipmates and comprehend their needs and challenges like no a single else.&nbsp&nbsp

Navy Chaplains are in higher demand, and a religious counsel profession can be especially rewarding in the military. Whether or not conducting worship ceremonies on a ship at sea or assisting clergy with religious activities on a base, these men and women are in a unique position to serve their country and fellow service members.

Navy Chaplains have more time to:

* Conduct worship solutions in a selection of settings
* Execute religious rites and ceremonies such as weddings, funerals and baptisms
* Counsel people who seek guidance
* Oversee religious education programs
* Offer spiritual guidance and care to hospitalized personnel and their households
* Train lay leaders
* Advise leaders at all levels relating to morale, ethics and spiritual properly-becoming

In addition to supplying religious ministry for all round faith and facilitating all religious needs for these of various faiths, Chaplains also advise the command to make certain the free physical exercise of religion.

To train for the Navy Chaplain Corps, five weeks of education at Officer Improvement School are held in Newport, R.I., followed by seven weeks of Naval Chaplaincy School in Ft. Jackson, S.C. Continued educational possibilities are offered by means of the funded Chaplain Corps Advanced Education Program, and clinical pastoral educational programs are also held. Any student in the procedure of earning a graduate theological degree could potentially enter the Navy Chaplain Candidate Program as a student.

Check out navy.com to discover more about Chaplain career opportunities and the background necessary to answer this fascinating and critical get in touch with to serve.

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