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Secrets to a fun, enjoyable and fuss-free sundae bar for summer entertaining

Yummy flavors, delectable toppings and the freedom to mix them collectively nonetheless you decide on &ndash who doesn&rsquot love a sundae bar? With all the options available, a sundae bar may possibly look like too considerably operate to pull off, but it doesn&rsquot have to be. No matter whether it&rsquos for a graduation or birthday party, Memorial Day or Independence Day barbecue, or a just-due to the fact party, you can serve guests a sundae bar that is fun and scrumptious &ndash and easy to clean up if you comply with a couple of basic guidelines:

* Develop the bar. A colorful, organized sundae bar will not only look wonderful, but it will make it less complicated for guests to uncover specifically what they want and for you to clean up when the party is more than. Start off with a brightly colored disposable table cloth. Fill a galvanized tub with ice and place the ice cream in the tub, to keep it cold. Place your bowls, spoons and napkins subsequent to the ice cream tub, followed by your toppings. &nbsp

* Designate a scooper. Assigning somebody to scoop the ice cream will make it less complicated for guests to choose their toppings and create their sundaes. This will maintain people moving by means of the sundae bar and hands clean at the same time.

* Leading it off proper. The very best element about a sundae bar is the range of toppings provided. For a unique touch, attempt putting some of your sundae toppings in old-fashioned glass mason jars. From chocolate sprinkles, cookie crumbles, cherries and strawberry fruit topping, it&rsquos an appealing way to showcase toppings and a simple way for guests to pick their favorite combinations.

* Hot fudge with out the mess. Your sundae bar doesn&rsquot have to suffer from spills, reheating jars, messy hands and disappointing flavors. Select easier topping options, like Breyers Toppings, to provide maximum enjoyment with out the fuss. These toppings deliver all the flavor, freshness and quality associated with the leading ice cream brand, and all the exciting of standard sundae toppings with no the mess. Log on to www.breyerstoppings.com to learn more.

* Celebration themes. To add an added touch to your get-together, add components to your sundae bar to match the celebration occasion. Produce patriotic red, white and blue sundaes for July 4th (use vanilla ice cream, cherry topping and fresh blueberries) or a s&rsquomores sundae for a summer camp-out (vanilla ice cream, marshmallows, hot fudge and graham cracker crumbs). Or host a giant birthday party to celebrate absolutely everyone&rsquos birthday, no matter the day, and have your guests leading their sundae creations with a candle.

A sundae bar is a enjoyable and creative notion for spring and summer entertaining. With some sophisticated preparing and the correct merchandise, you can pull off a special dessert experience that people will be talking about until the 1st snowfall.

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