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Raising the bar on bath safety

The bathroom is your day-to-day sanctuary to retreat to and appreciate a handful of moments alone. For that purpose, it should be serene, stylish and of course, safe. &nbspThink that words &ldquosafety&rdquo and &ldquostyle&rdquo can in no way go with each other? Believe again. Luckily, it&rsquos easy to incorporate vital bath safety components that will leave your area feeling far more like a resort instead of rehab.

A twist on towel bars

When getting into or exiting the bath, numerous home owners reach for a towel situated on a towel bar just outside the bathtub or shower. Even though this is a handy location, regrettably bathers instinctively grab onto the towel bar to ease in and out of the shower or tub. This can be a severe fall threat, considering that towel bars are not created to assistance a individual&rsquos weight. Luckily, Moen has combined the functionality and beauty of a decorative towel bar with the safety advantages of a grab bar with the Moen House Care Grab Bar with Towel Bar. Obtainable in the most popular finishes to seamlessly integrate with the style of your bath, this special item is effortless to set up to make certain a safe &ndash and fashionable &ndash addition to the bath.

Security with shelves

From shampoo to shaving cream, razors to rubber duckies, the bathtub or shower is an region exactly where we retailer a multitude of things. With this in thoughts, homeowners are constantly hunting for methods to conquer the clutter. Shelves are an excellent answer &ndash specially when you can combine them with safety and peace of thoughts. Appear for shelves that combine the functionality and style of a shelf with the safety of a grab bar. Some are featured in both corner and straight designs and will support solve your storage woes, although supplying additional stability in the shower or bath.

&ldquoGrab bars are an essential safety element for all ages &ndash in fact, we could all use a small extra assistance in the shower,&rdquo says Adam Ference, Moen House Care brand manager. &ldquoBy incorporating grab bars into widespread bathroom accessories, we hope to encourage home owners to make each bath a protected &ndash and stylish &ndash bath.&rdquo

Serenity with showerheads

When you think of resorts, you might recall the spectacular spa showers. You can dramatically enhance your everyday shower encounter by merely updating your current showerhead. There are a lot of types, but a mixture showerhead, such as the Moen Caldwell Brushed Nickel Slide Bar showerhead, can supply a relaxing retreat even though also adding safety characteristics. Combination showerheads feature each a regular showerhead and a handheld showerhead attached to a slide bar, supplying customers numerous spray possibilities. And, with the added advantage of a handheld shower, customers who select to bathe in a seated position can also easily and safely enjoy the sensational expertise.

Luxurious illumination

For the final step to your safety-upgraded bathroom, boost the quantity of lighting. Add larger-wattage bulbs in your present lights, nightlights or further lamps to the space for enhanced illumination. One more choice is adding skylights. Not only will it aid reduce bumps and falls, but a properly-lit bathroom will also make the space really feel much more open and spa-like.

Escalating your safety does not imply decreasing the style in your bath. In fact, with these effortless, economical and eye-catching updates, you can speedily raise your level of bath security, whilst producing a more enjoyable and stylish bathroom retreat.

For far more information on Moen goods, go to www.moen.com.

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