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Pets make powerful partners in weight loss

Lives. Residences. Furniture. Even beds. Men and women share a lot when a dog or cat is part of the loved ones. However, one particular trait that far as well numerous owners and pets have in frequent is excess weight. In reality, two-thirds of U.S. adults and 55 percent of U.S. pets are considered overweight, according to the National Wellness and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2009&ndash2010, and the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 2012 Pet Obesity Study.

The silver lining is that although many pets and their owners are tipping the scales, losing weight is something they can do together, as men and women and pets make great weight loss partners for motives both scientific and psychological.

For the second year in a row, Jenny Craig and Purina are pooling their resources to develop a customized providing to help folks and their pets lose weight together.

&ldquoSupport whilst losing weight is invaluable,&rdquo says Jessica Collins, Area Industry Director and spokesperson for Jenny Craig. &ldquoAnd a 4-legged weight loss buddy can be the best companion, as they won&rsquot judge and will supply excellent motivation to keep active by walking.”

&ldquoPets adore working out with their owners and can even assist enhance their owners&rsquo time and intensity level,&rdquo stated Purina Certified Weight Coach Heather Prendergast. According to Canadian researchers, dog owners stroll nearly twice as significantly as people without having dogs, while a University of Missouri study determined that walking speed increases 28 % with a dog.

Collins and Prendergast offer the following ideas for folks and pets in the course of weight loss:

* Walk before you run. If you and your pet are new to an physical exercise program, set brief-term, manageable targets and gradually increase the level of difficulty and duration as the two of you operate collectively toward your activity ambitions. &nbspJenny Craig offers free walking plans here: http://www.jennycraig.com/heart-stroll

* Play together. Dogs really like to play fetch. Throw the ball and do lunges or squats while your dog runs to fetch – or race to get the ball first. Cats adore chasing toys, too, and can even be taught to retrieve.

* Connect mealtime with workout. Before breakfast or dinner, squeeze in a brief walk. Teach your dog to earn his treat by performing a trick initial. Have your cat hunt for their meals by hiding kibble in various places around the house.

* Embrace snacking. Snacks for people and treats for pets can be built into a healthy meal plan, and can serve as protection against binge consuming. Frequent tiny meals can also boost metabolism and preserve hunger away.

* Drink up. Don&rsquot forget to always hydrate, before and soon after workout and all through the day. Often thirst can be confused with hunger, so make confident you and your pets constantly have a complete water bowl.

* Get a checkup. Seek advice from with your physician – and veterinarian – prior to beginning a weight loss, diet plan or workout system.

The Energy of Two plan created by Jenny Craig and Purina includes added healthy lifestyle ideas for pets and owners, rebates for veterinary services, cost-free counseling from Jenny Craig and other gives for participants. To enroll in the Power of Two plan or learn a lot more, check out PowerOfTwoProgram.com.

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