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Nursing home admissions avoided with simplified prescription packaging

Quite a few factors influence a senior&rsquos capacity to live independently, such as health and memory troubles, mobility problems, and care coordination issues. Often overlooked is the fact that 1 quarter of all nursing house admissions are the result of poor medication adherence.

Representing a loss of independence, getting placed in a nursing home is a difficult milestone for each seniors and their households. It is also costly for seniors, their families and the well being care technique. The expense of a single area in a nursing property averages far more than $ 200 per day and close to $ 200 billion for all Americans annually. About 62 percent of this expense in the United States is assumed by public, taxpayer-financed sources such as Medicaid and Medicare.

Virtually half of seniors aged 65 and older take at least five various prescription drugs often, and 1 in four take between ten and 19 tablets each and every day according to information compiled by Kelton Investigation. In addition, a lot more than half of seniors admit to not taking their medicines as directed, and the adherence rate decreases as the number of daily drugs prescribed increases.

&ldquoFor seniors, taking 1 pill a day is manageable, however the complexity of taking multiple drugs each with its personal set of directions, represents a true challenge that impacts their overall health and independence, says Ian Salditch, CEO of Medicine-On-Time. &ldquoHowever, the troubles linked with taking numerous medicines can effectively be addressed by means of customized prescription packaging.&rdquo

Salditch&rsquos firm created Medicine-On-Time, exactly where neighborhood pharmacists sort and organize drugs into personalized pill cups labeled with the day, date and time to take them. Pharmacists give all the pill cups to the patient organized into colorful calendar cards. It&rsquos practical, easy-to-use and, most importantly, established successful to help men and women keep independence and take pleasure in greater overall health. A study released in the American Journal of Geriatric Pharmacotherapy identified that seniors using Medicine-On-Time were 66 % much less probably to be admitted to a nursing residence.

&ldquoIt is an all also familiar procedure – adult kids sorting their parents&rsquo medicines into pill boxes,&rdquo Salditch says. &ldquoMedicine-On-Time puts this process in the hands of licensed pharmacists and in performing so assists to guarantee security and accuracy, assisting seniors preserve their independence and their good quality of life.&rdquoBelieve it or not, analysis conducted by Prince Market Analysis shows that seniors fear moving into a nursing residence and losing their independence much more than they fear death. The same study located that baby boomer kids of seniors also fear for their parents,&nbspparticularly their parents’ emotional and physical well-being should they have to enter a nursing home.

Free trials and a tool to uncover the closest pharmacy providing the Medicine-On-Time service can be identified at sortmymeds.com. Further details on Medicine-On-Time can be found at www.Medicine-On-Time.com.

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