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New times, new traditions: Modern wedding trends from stock-the-bar parties to social networking sites

October is the new June. A lot more and far more, weddings are taking spot in the height of fall foliage, heart of winter and prime holiday season, like the ever-popular New Year&rsquos Eve ceremony to ring in the new year. But it&rsquos not just the wedding season that has drastically evolved more than the past decade, it&rsquos everything from roles and responsibilities to present-giving.

As you gear up to celebrate the union of your beloved household or buddies – or even your own – know what to expect from the altering tides of weddings. Lizzie Post, co-author of &ldquoEmily Post&rsquos Etiquette, 18th edition&rdquo and wonderful-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, aids couples navigate the new traditions of weddings. The Post name has been synonymous with suitable etiquette and manners for the previous 80 years.

As decades pass, so will traditions, but suitable etiquette is timeless. Be prepared for the next wedding you attend and know what to count on from modifications in the wedding landscape with these essential pieces of guidance:

Pay it forward

Obtaining the right present for the newlyweds can be tough. Whilst registries help to point guests in the right direction, a lot of couples are receiving married later in life and currently have all the household items that are frequent wedding gifts. To supply the couple with a modest nest egg to use even so they want, a verify is always a excellent and secure present idea. A number of financial institutions, like Bank of America, provide mobile check deposit by means of their banking app, permitting the couple the flexibility to deposit checks on-the-go to support cover outstanding vendor payments or use on their honeymoon. An additional new-age trend is contributing to a couple&rsquos honeymoon fund.

Temper tech use

Even weddings are going hi-tech. There are quite a few websites available that can support the couple to organize the procedure, communicate with guests and share photos soon after the ceremony. But a handful of issues – like a handwritten &ldquothank you&rdquo note – should steer clear of the hi-tech lure. In a gadget-driven society, every person is carrying a smartphone. Couples can post a tasteful notice at the entrance of the ceremony place or in the system to remind guests to turn off their cell telephone ringers and refrain from use during the ceremony. Some couples could actually encourage guests to take pictures and share pictures by way of social media, but guests should respect their wishes and use phones only as a camera and upload photos after the ceremony.

Respect personalization

Couples want their specific day to reflect who they are and what is crucial to them. Even though preceding generations traditionally wed in locations of worship, several contemporary couples choose to tie the knot at a sentimental place, like where they had their 1st date. The decor, music and even the meals and drink served at a wedding may possibly have a private story behind it. No matter how nontraditional the element might be, guests need to eagerly partake in the festivities, acknowledging and respecting the couple&rsquos individualization.

Be all-inclusive

In the past, bridal showers have been strictly for the bride and bachelor parties have been a males-only affair. Presently, these festivities are no longer gender-certain. Showers can be thrown for the couple in unison and incorporate creative themes like &ldquostock the bar&rdquo or &ldquotime of day.&rdquo Bachelor and bachelorette parties can also be conjoined to involve the entire bridal celebration in a location event. And while these events are a celebration of joy, expenditures can add up rapidly. If you use a rewards card, like the BankAmericard Travel Rewards credit card, you can earn points on purchases to spend for all or element of your trip. This is great for both the bride and groom and guests traveling to the wedding.

As trends and expectations shift, so will the way major life milestones are celebrated. It is critical to celebrate these moments in life with grace and help for the content couple – following all, it&rsquos their day – and it should be as unique as they are.

For further etiquette tips on navigating 21st century weddings, go to www.emilypost.com.

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