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Millennials take new approach to work-life balance

More and more, Millennials are on the road for work. In an average month, 1 in four business-traveling Millennials travel overnight for perform at least once per week.

As the line between &ldquopersonal&rdquo and &ldquobusiness&rdquo grows thinner and thinner for this generation, Millennials are increasingly finding adventure by way of business. Much more than any other group, Millennial enterprise travelers are far more most likely to add on extra days to their company trip for leisure travel (84 percent) according to the Hilton Garden Inn Discovery and Connection Survey. Millennials are funding these adventures through their business trips, also. The vast majority of this group (85 percent) is much more most likely to use reward points from their organization travel to book a holiday, compared to a year ago.

As the economy improves, organization travel across the nation is on the rise. According to the Global Business Travel Association, U.S. enterprise travel is expected to grow 5.1 % in 2013. As more Millennials hit the road for work, they are keeping top of mind a handful of, basic enterprise travel perks to fulfill their appetite for personal adventure and discovery:

* Fly for cost-free &ndash Those flying for business can earn airline miles in their name. These organization miles speedily add up, enabling travelers to upgrade seats or add one more location with out accruing added expense. Company travelers can then use these miles to bring a friend or loved 1 on the trip with them &ndash speedily transitioning from business to loved ones trip or romantic getaway as soon as the weekend hits.

* Earn hotel perks &ndash Frequent stays in hotels supplying rewards programs can grant company travelers benefits like cost-free overnight stays, late checkout, and complimentary breakfast. These extras turn a company trip into significantly far more, specially when extra nights are employed to extend a organization trip into a trip.

Some hotels have signature promotions, such as Hilton Garden Inn’s Bed n’ Breakfast deal that consists of breakfast for every single adult staying in the exact same room, and totally free meals for little ones 12 and under.

* Find out nearby hidden gems &ndash Cities typically encourage enterprise travelers to knowledge the local culture even though in town and give package offers with discounts to restaurants, tickets to neighborhood shows or events, useful tips to discover transportation in the city and even sightseeing possibilities to explore for the duration of free time. This becomes even far more common when a city is hosting a massive business gathering, such as an sector convention.

Millennials continue to be at the forefront of attaining perform-life balance &ndash utilizing business travel to discover new cities, discover neighborhood cultures, taste genuine cuisines and connect with new individuals across the nation and around the globe.

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