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Make your own masterpieces – freshly painted focal points for any room

Nonetheless really like the general design scheme of a space, but feeling a small bored? The greatest way to breathe new life into it &ndash without having revamping the entire region &ndash is by making a new focal wall. Rather of a decal, stencil or pricey artwork, make a statement that&rsquos one particular-of-a-sort with a small creativity and painter&rsquos tape.

Heavy patterns on each wall can be overwhelming adding zest to just a single is your best bet to make a constructive impact. Prior to you begin, scan the room to determine the greatest wall to update. When you enter the space, exactly where do your eyes naturally gravitate? If it&rsquos an area that you enjoy, amp up the style to make it truly stand out. But if it&rsquos some thing that catches your eye for all the wrong causes, pick a diverse side of the space. Repositioning the focal point will draw consideration away from the elements you don&rsquot like or can&rsquot simply adjust, like architectural functions, window placement or heating and cooling returns.

Once you&rsquove determined where you&rsquore going to paint, it&rsquos time to think about what. Right here are a few easy ideas to get the creativity flowing.

Great artwork

Acquiring oversized artwork can be pricey &ndash ranging anyplace from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. Don&rsquot shell out a ton of money to add character to an empty wall when it&rsquos straightforward to make your own art. Bring your design suggestions to life with new FrogTape Shape Tape &ndash a painter&rsquos tape cut into special patterns that makes it possible for you to rapidly and effortlessly develop works of art on walls, accessories, furnishings and much more. The three Shape Tape patterns &ndash Wave, Scallop and Chevron &ndash can be positioned on surfaces in numerous methods to obtain various results by staggering the tape or varying the placement widths, you can make your own impressive styles. Best of all, patented PaintBlock Technologies on the edges of FrogTape Shape Tape helps prevent paint bleed and leaves precise lines, maintaining your artwork hunting sharp. For far more details visit frogtape.com.

You can create a single oversized piece of art directly on the wall, or paint a number of smaller canvases that can be arranged as a DIY gallery. What ever you select, you&rsquoll have a new focal point that will surely serve as a conversation starter at your next get-with each other.

Natural touch

Making a mural on a single wall is extremely well-liked, particularly a single that helps bring the feel of the outdoors inside. Trees are an effortless element to paint on any wall. For a sophisticated look, keep it simple with silhouettes. Use painter&rsquos tape to produce the outline of birch trees from the floor to the ceiling, leaving six to 12 inches between each trunk. Paint all the trees utilizing the exact same color. Be positive to use a shade that coordinates with the rest of the area, or a neutral like white, gray or beige delivers a crisp appear.

Fabulous faux framing

If your house is lacking intriguing architectural functions like decorative molding, you can mimic the appear with paint and painter&rsquos tape. Measuring and installing the real deal can be time-intensive and tedious, but using paint is an easy way to dress up a space without having the cost and labor of installing quite a few pieces of trim. From crown molding to wainscoting, making use of paint to imitate intricate trim function will add higher style to your home.

For a stunning makeover, apply FrogTape brand painter&rsquos tape 3 feet up from the floor along the whole wall to emulate a chair rail. Then, add extra squares and rectangles in a repeating pattern under. Apply a fresh coat of paint in a colour that coordinates with the original wall color and after you take away the tape, you&rsquoll have crisp lines that appear like molding… without all the function.

Next time you&rsquore looking to spruce up a space, believe beyond painting your walls a strong color. With a little imagination and painter&rsquos tape, you can style eye-catching rooms throughout the whole residence.

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