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Maintaining masculinity when living with prostate cancer side effects

One particular out of each six males will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the course of his lifetime. The excellent news is when caught early, it is extremely treatable. According to the American Cancer Society, the 5-year survival rate for prostate cancer is nearly 100 percent since many men obtain an early diagnosis.

Despite the fact that survival rates are higher, several prostate cancer individuals encounter some side effects to remedies of hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. These contain bowel dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, fertility loss and urinary incontinence, generally recognized as bladder leakage.

It is important for guys to take an interest in their wellness and have their prostates checked by a physician to make sure that any abnormalities are effectively diagnosed. Men typically don&rsquot want to discuss prostate health or the side effects that often accompany remedy due to the fact of social perceptions. The difficulty is that a lot of guys don&rsquot know how common the side effects, such as bladder leakage, are.

This causes a stigma frequently associated with bladder leakage, and the USDA&rsquos National Institutes of Health reports that open communication between a man and his overall health care provider about his incontinence is crucial to maintaining a great top quality of life. Males shouldn&rsquot feel like they are compromising their masculinity by discussing with their physician any side effects they may possibly be experiencing to their therapies for prostate cancer.

Some guys with bladder leakage might refuse to go out in public and avoid social situations for fear of being embarrassed. Many guys feel frustrated by and don&rsquot know how to appropriately manage this common condition, often relying on ineffective homemade or feminine merchandise simply because they don&rsquot recognize there are items obtainable just for them.

Males want protection that is produced just for them, and new Rely Guards and Shields are discreet products made to fit a man&rsquos body. Rely Guards offer maximum absorbency for bigger surges, and Depend Shields are ultra-thin with light absorbency for drips and dribbles. These products adhere to the inside of a man&rsquos underwear so guys can be confident in their protection and get back to living an active way of life.

In spite of experiencing one particular or far more of the side effects to prostate cancer treatment, males need to nevertheless really feel like guys although carrying out the factors they enjoy like watching the game with friends or playing with the youngsters in the backyard. With the right options, men experiencing any of these side effects can still appreciate an active lifestyle and renewed self-confidence.

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