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Kitchen trends for 2013: ‘Revamping kits’ offer high-end results

If you&rsquore tired of looking at your outdated kitchen, but feel replacement would be impractical, you&rsquore not alone. In 2013, buyers will be attempting to find the beauty in the beast. Projects that assist the old appear new will be the subsequent large makeover trend &ndash specially in the kitchen exactly where remodeling becomes far more pricey.

&ldquoRevamping kits&rdquo that refinish countertops, cabinets, and appliances are already in developing demand. Right here are three best kitchen kits that can effortlessly, swiftly and affordably help your existing kitchen appear large finish.

Granite remains the No. 1 selection for kitchen remodels, but the normal price of granite runs from $ 50 to $ 110 a square foot (which includes installation). While there is absolutely nothing functionally incorrect with laminate, Corian and Formica, they&rsquore not usually what homeowners are hunting for. So if your countertops require an uplift with out a hefty price tag tag attached, try granite paint.

Giani Granite Paint kits enable you to give outdated countertops a granite look for $ 69.95 per kitchen. Every single kit comes with the primer, mineral paints, applicators and a demo DVD to aid you update your Formica, laminate, wood, tile and Corian countertops. One granite kit can transform an typical L-shaped kitchen countertop (or about 16 operating feet) in one weekend and the process is straightforward adequate for a initial-time painter. The integrated specialized sponge replicates well-known designs of granite, and the higher-gloss finish adds durability and shine. Further granite countertop paint information and availability can be found at gianigranite.com.

Modern cabinets are what every person needs to bring their kitchen from &ldquoold-fashioned&rdquo to &ldquoin fashion.&rdquo Nevertheless, throwing the old cabinets out could seem drastic. If your cabinets work just fine but the color is keeping your kitchen in the &lsquo90s, attempt Nuvo Cabinet paint. Nuvo Cabinet paint is a a single-day approach that does not call for any cabinet removal or a separate primer. Just apply two coats of your desired Nuvo shade and within hours your cabinets will be prepared for use. Every kit covers 100 square feet, which is the standard cabinet coverage for the typical-sized kitchen. 1 kit costs $ 69.95 and can be purchased from nuvocabinetpaint.com.

Appliances are a massive investment and many times are purchased all at the moment to attain a harmonious, matching appear. This holds numerous property owners back from creating the jump toward the most desired appliance look, stainless. New Liquid Stainless Steel paint is made with 100 percent stainless steel and kits are available for refrigerators as well as a ranges and dishwashers. The stainless &ldquoRange and Dishwasher&rdquo kit, gives a brushed stainless appear for $ 24.95 and the Liquid Stainless &ldquoFridge&rdquo kit costs $ 69.95. Each kit comes with a specialized application tool that creates the brushed metal appearance over your existing appliances. These kits can be located at Liquidstainlesssteel.com.

Just before you throw out the old, attempt revamping your countertops, cabinets, and appliances, assisting what you have look like a million bucks for less than $ 200.

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