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How to stay productive and not infect the office when you’re sick

Every single year, American workers miss 100 million workdays due to the flu alone. There&rsquos a trace of irony in that number: Many of those days wouldn&rsquot have to be lost if those who had been sick stayed house, preventing the transfer of germs and viruses within the workplace.

For a lot of Americans, staying residence from perform when sick isn&rsquot usually an effortless choice. A current survey by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics located that one particular in 3 U.S. personnel doesn&rsquot have paid sick leave. By just organizing ahead, it might be possible to help avert the spread of the flu and other illnesses with initiatives that encourage sick employees to avoid operating in the office.

Attempting to function when seriously ill isn&rsquot the best notion. But there are instances when an employee may really feel effectively enough to work, but is nevertheless contagious and battling symptoms. Developing a plan to function from residence for the duration of such occasions can aid an employee recover without taking time off although preventing the spread of germs among co-workers.

Plantronics, a firm devoted to providing devices and tools to enable for flexible functioning, gives 5 suggestions to assist these functioning from house remain productive:

* Diminish distractions: Soundproofing a home office isn&rsquot the easiest or most cost-effective selection for most. As an alternative use noise-cancelling headphones for critical calls. The BlackWire 700 series headset from Plantronics provides noise-cancellation although taking a call on your Computer, tablet or smartphone or while listening to music.

* Wise headsets: People operating from house are probably making use of both a mobile phone and a personal computer for calls. A headset like the Voyager Legend UC from Plantronics integrates both calling systems into a single although offering superior audio good quality and hands-cost-free features.

* Use videoconferencing: Working from property doesn&rsquot mean the end of face-to-face meetings. Internet and video conferencing programs like Skype, Google+ Hangout, Microsoft Lync or PGi&rsquos iMeet let for effortless video conferencing for these operating remotely.

* Instant messaging: When e-mail is as well formal a signifies of communication amongst colleagues, IM acts as a less formal way of staying connected. Chat customers like Gchat, AIM, Skype or Microsoft Lync are ideal for rapid conversations.

* Collaborative desktop: Applications like Skype or Screenleap make sharing documents although speaking to co-workers straightforward although working remotely.

In addition to setting up a operate-from-property arrangement, employees can also do their part by acquiring a flu shot and following doctors&rsquo orders for rest and therapy when ill. To learn more about how you can improve your productivity by way of versatile functioning solutions, go to the Plantronics Weblog.

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