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How to make your home stand out in a hot real estate market

The residential housing marketplace is heating up, but just before you post that for-sale sign, contemplate creating upgrades that add style and worth to your residence. With a lot of buyers searching for wood floors, kitchen upgrades and other add-ons, it&rsquos essential for property owners to highlight these functions so their house stands out from the competition in today&rsquos industry.

&ldquoIt all comes down to dollars and &lsquosense,&rsquo &rdquo says Linda Jovanovich of the American Hardwood Data Center. &ldquoIn addition to warmth, beauty and durability, hardwood functions improve your residence&rsquos resale value. Even with a modest spending budget, if you take the time and price tag your options, updating worn floors, dated cabinetry, and lackluster walls will make a considerable difference. And it&rsquos simpler and significantly less costly than you feel.&rdquo

Survey says hardwood floors sell

When it&rsquos time to sell, hardwood floors not only add very good looks, they improve the value of your residence. According to a nationwide survey of real estate agents commissioned by the National Wood Flooring Association in 2012, 99 % of respondents agreed that residences with hardwood floors are easier to sell. In addition, 90 percent stated these houses sell for a lot more cash.

&ldquoAbsolutely accurate,&rdquo says Bob Strader, a genuine estate agent with The NORTH Group of Keller Williams Realty in Atlanta. &ldquoBetween two similar properties, purchasers will gravitate toward the residence with hardwood floors, and that house will sell in half the time.&rdquo

Debbie Gartner, identified as &ldquoThe Flooring Girl&rdquo by buyers at her New York-primarily based flooring shop, agrees and says quality increases worth. &ldquoHardwood sells,&rdquo notes Gartner, adding that you&rsquore in luck if you already have a hardwood floor below a carpet. &ldquoClients are shocked when I tell them it&rsquos practically always much less expensive to refinish a hardwood floor than it is to re-carpet a room.&rdquo

What about the kitchen?

True estate agent Strader advises sellers to &ldquoupgrade their kitchens prior to going on the market because buyers see kitchen upgrades as becoming rather expensive.&rdquo He adds that, &ldquoHomes without updated kitchens will take longer to sell, and will sell for significantly less.&rdquo

Gerry Henley, president of Kitchen Solvers, a national kitchen and bath remodeling franchise, suggests simple cabinetry updates that won&rsquot break the bank but will result in a greater return on your investment. And hardwood goods provide lots of choices.

&ldquoMany homeowners overlook the low expense and higher effect of re-facing their current kitchen cabinets,&rdquo he says. &ldquoBy swapping out dated doors and drawer pulls, a homeowner can get the look of a newly updated kitchen and save up to 50 % of the price of a full overhaul. Cabinet re-facing is a quick-moving project and the kitchen remains functional throughout installation.&rdquo

Worth in the details

Architectural particulars &ndash hardwood crown moulding, baseboards and other millwork &ndash add depth and character, offer a finished look, and change lackluster to extraordinary, so a lot so that according to the 2012 National Association of Residence Builders&rsquo &ldquoWhat Property Purchasers Actually Want&rdquo study, crown moulding ranks larger than other luxury features such as fireplaces, kitchen seating and window seats.

Strader agrees. &ldquoFrom my expertise, millwork adds the &lsquowow&rsquo element that stays in a purchaser&rsquos thoughts. And most sellers are unaware that a custom look can be obtained relatively inexpensively with off-the-shelf moulding patterns offered at house improvement shops.&rdquo

The American Hardwood Data Center delivers some additional tips to maintain fees low. For crown and other decorative ceiling mouldings, consider using a significantly less costly species such as poplar. Exactly where durability is a need to, such as baseboards, door casings and chair rails, contemplate a harder species, like white oak.

Make it a win-win

Upgrade with American Hardwoods to maximize your house&rsquos worth. Visit the American Hardwoods Details Center, www.HardwoodInfo.com, or go to American Hardwoods&rsquo Pinterest web page to browse budget-friendly tips on updating with American Hardwoods flooring, cabinetry and millwork.

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