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Honeymoon encore: The big move in

It could come as a surprise to young engaged couples, but the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon doesn&rsquot finish when it&rsquos all more than. In fact, after the honeymoon, it&rsquos time to roll up your sleeves and strategy the big move &ndash the joining of two households.

It&rsquos a herculean process finding the best location with excellent schools, reasonably priced taxes and very good neighbors. But when you&rsquove signed on the dotted line for the residence where you will begin your life as a couple &ndash and possibly also raise your family members when the time arrives &ndash you&rsquore prepared to plan your huge move.

A lot of newlyweds face the chore of merging furniture, kitchen gear and closet space from two households. To begin your moving procedure off on the appropriate foot, think about eliminating duplicate items and possessing a garage sale, or donating items, just before starting the packing procedure. It&rsquos a great chance to upgrade household furnishings &ndash specially if you received anything new as a wedding present.

Then decide what size moving truck you&rsquoll want. A great rule is to program for 150 cubic feet of space for each completely furnished room. Several young couples moving from a modest apartment or condo into a larger 1st house will find a 12- or 16-foot Penske rental truck much more than sufficient. Strategy to reserve your truck at least two weeks in advance. Penske Truck Rental delivers rental discounts for AAA members to aid young couples with savings.

For help in generating moving day go smoothly, use these tips from Penske. They&rsquove been in the do-it-your self moving company for more than 40 years:

* Still unpacking your wedding gifts? &ndash If space isn&rsquot a concern, preserve those wedding gifts in their original boxes, due to the fact the retailer packaging will assist protect the items. But if space is tight in the rental truck, throw away the shop packaging and cautiously repack in your moving boxes &ndash with plenty of padding to protect your new gifts.

* Start off early and group things with each other &ndash Get good, sturdy boxes of different sizes, and then fill them with products of related use, size or design and style. Some standard methods to group items are by item kind (i.e. photo frames) or by contents of a area. Label every single box with the space name, and the contents. Make positive you have plenty of packing bubbles or towels and cloths on hand to hold breakable things from being damaged in the move.

* Save your muscles &ndash Ask friends to aid you with carrying boxes. If anything is heavy, enlist some help to prevent injury or strain on your muscles.

* Loading the truck &ndash Load the largest things (i.e. bed, couch, dresser) into the truck initial to make sure they will fit, and then start off loading the heaviest boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on prime. Having each and every box labeled with contents will help prevent you and your close friends from packing heavy books on prime of your new fine china wedding gifts. Penske features an online Truck Wizard application to help.

When you cross the threshold of your new residence the first time as a married couple, you&rsquoll be surrounded by the excitement and energy of so numerous adventures to come in your future. Very carefully unpack your moving truck, cherishing the memories of your personal belongings as you meld them to fit into your new house and life with your new spouse.

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