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Home renovation for baby boomers: Preparing for the next stage in life

Lived in your property for years? Love your neighborhood? The thought of moving away from your property&rsquos comfort, warmth and memories can be unsettling. Instead of moving out, think about updating and remodeling your house to accommodate your future requirements.

Eight-nine % of Americans 55 and older have embraced this aging-in-place trend, and hope to stay in their personal residences for the extended-term, according to the National Association of Property Builders (NAHB).

&ldquoAs Americans strive to sustain their independence and remain in their personal houses longer, numerous take on residence improvements projects to lessen upkeep although enhancing accessibility and energy efficiency,&rdquo says Pella Windows & Doors spokesperson Kathy Krafka Harkema. &ldquoAs they stretch budgets and prepare for retirement, right now&rsquos savvy homeowners program house renovation projects with comfort, comfort and ease of maintenance in thoughts.&rdquo

Think about remodeling projects to support enjoy your house longer, much more safely and effectively as you age.

Residence improvement for the extended-term

Most property owners recognize the importance of upkeep and upkeep. A leaky window or drafty door wastes energy and can drive up utility expenses.

To assist save power and funds year-round, conduct a house improvement checkup by hunting for indicators that it&rsquos time for possible repairs.

* Check key systems that help shield the outdoors of your residence – the roof, gutters, siding and exterior finish.

* Inspect interior components like heating, cooling, chimney and electrical systems.

* Make certain adequate attic insulation is in location to support avoid ice dams.

* Appear for indicators of deterioration, damage or possible problems. Replace or repair worn or broken things ahead of they can lead to far more substantial or costly repairs.

* Check your property&rsquos windows and doors. Are there drafts, chips or breaks in the finish, condensation or fogging amongst panes of glass, or are they challenging to open? Any of these indicators can mean it&rsquos time for replacement.

* Position storage places, like shelves, for straightforward access.

* Raise appliances, like washers, dryers, dishwashers and stoves, to decrease bending and lifting.

* Replace old appliances and fixtures with far more energy-effective possibilities, like Power STAR-certified Pella 350 Series vinyl windows and patio doors, to aid save on future utility bills.

* Establish whether your home will be prepared for your subsequent stage in life by reviewing the AARP house livability checklist.

Window replacement adds light, comfort

As we grow to be older, our eyes need a lot more light to see. Decide on Power STAR-qualified lighting for power-effective alternatives. Adding further windows, or escalating the size of current window openings can also boost the quantity of all-natural light in a residence.

Replacing heavy curtains and drapes with more sheer choices will also allow privacy, without having sacrificing natural light.

Cut the dust

Pella Designer Series windows and doors supply practical, custom produced, in between-the-glass options like blinds and shades. Between-the-glass window fashions don&rsquot collect dust like traditional space side window remedies, generating them a low-maintenance, simple-to-care-for choice. Plus, since they&rsquore in between glass, they&rsquore a best match and a safer alternative for properties with kids or pets, because there are no room-side cords.

Replacing old, challenging-to-open windows with new windows and screens tends to make it simpler to open windows to appreciate fresh air. Pella gives straightforward-to-operate windows in energy-efficient vinyl, wood or fiberglass choices in colors, sizes and designs to suit your remodeling and replacement demands.

Go to www.pella.com/news for a lot more information on how to connect with a local representative to speak about your renovation project wants, or shop on the internet at PellaatLowes.com.

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