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Helping the brain use alternative fuel may ease symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Regardless of whether a patient faces a simple overall health difficulty, such as a head cold, or one particular as complex as Alzheimer&rsquos disease, relieving the symptoms is usually as essential as resolving the issue itself. However for the more than five million Americans impacted by Alzheimer&rsquos, treating the symptoms is even a lot more vital.

Some of the early signs of Alzheimer&rsquos include memory loss that disrupts every day life, mood and personality modifications, and difficulty solving otherwise easy everyday tasks.

Alzheimer&rsquos illness is the sixth-leading result in of death in the United States, according to the Alzheimer&rsquos Association. Of the top 10 causes of death, it is the only one particular for which there is no remedy or preventive measure. Nevertheless, research suggests that addressing one particular early facet of the illness &ndash decreased blood sugar in brain cells, also identified as diminished cerebral glucose metabolism (DCGM) &ndash could assist relieve symptoms for specific folks with mild to moderate Alzheimer&rsquos.

In a wholesome brain, glucose is the main energy supply. A brain impacted by Alzheimer&rsquos doesn&rsquot approach glucose into energy as efficiently as a healthy brain.

&ldquoUnlike other cells in the physique that can metabolize fats as fuel, brain cells rely on glucose (sugar) for their primary power source,&rdquo says Dr. Richard S. Isaacson, associate professor of clinical neurology and vice chair of education at the University of Miami&rsquos Miller School of Medicine. “1 aspect of Alzheimer&rsquos is that it hinders the brain&rsquos capacity to use glucose, and this considerably impacts brain function.&rdquo

&ldquoDCGM is an early function of Alzheimer&rsquos disease, represented by region-distinct declines in brain glucose &ndash or energy &ndash metabolism,&rdquo Isaacson says. &ldquoDCGM correlates with each the cognitive decline and the pathology associated with Alzheimer&rsquos. Research suggests that addressing DCGM may help mitigate symptoms for some individuals.&rdquo

Supplying brain cells with an alternative power source could help ease the effects of DCGM, even though enhancing memory and cognitive function in Alzheimer&rsquos individuals. 1 prescription-only healthcare food aims at assisting Alzheimer&rsquos individuals by addressing DCGM &ndash Axona by Accera, Inc.

The easy-to-mix, after-everyday drink is presently the only prescription therapy for patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer&rsquos that addresses the link in between the brain&rsquos inability to procedure and use glucose with the degenerative symptoms of Alzheimer&rsquos by supplying the brain with an alternative power supply. The liver digests and metabolizes Axona to create the naturally occurring compounds &ndash ketones&ndash that the brain can use as an option power source. Patients or caregivers mix the powder with other liquids or foods and take it as soon as a day in conjunction with commonly prescribed Alzheimer&rsquos medications.

&ldquoMore analysis is essential to establish the exact motives why DCGM can have profound effects on cognition more than the extended term,&rdquo Isaacson says. &ldquoWhen blood glucose drops swiftly, considerable decline in cognitive function happens and may possibly be accompanied by confusion, coma and even brain death.&rdquo

While Axona is not a cure for Alzheimer&rsquos, it can assist some sufferers mitigate the symptoms of the illness. Physicians and caregivers of sufferers utilizing Axona have reported individuals seem more alert and engaged in everyday activities and conversations. &ldquoIf you or a household member encounter symptoms such as poor brief-term memory, modifications in behavior and difficulty with language, see your physician for a full evaluation,&rdquo says Isaacson.

To discover much more about Alzheimer&rsquos disease, check out www.alz.org, the site of the Alzheimer&rsquos Association. For a lot more information on DCGM and Axona, check out www.about-axona.com.

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