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Getting girls excited about science and math

&ldquoMy study experiences have shown me that, in spite of what statistics say about females in science, any girl with a passion for exploring unanswered inquiries can and should be persistent in pursuing that perform,&rdquo says Sara Volz, 17. &ldquoBeing female ought to not hold anybody back from science or engineering.&rdquo

Volz won the grand prize and $ 100,000 in the 2013 Intel Science Talent Search, the nation&rsquos oldest and most prestigious high school science study competitors, for her investigation of algae biofuels. The competition inspires students to tackle some of the world&rsquos most significant challenges, from cancer remedies to all-natural disaster solutions. This year, almost half of the 40 finalists were female.

According to the Division of Commerce, women presently hold fewer than 25 percent of jobs in science, technology, engineering and math fields, but job opportunities in these locations are expected to develop almost twice as much as other occupations by 2018.

Parents of girls presently in junior high or high college can encourage their daughters to stay interested in science and math by supporting their education in the subjects, each in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. To assist inspire girls to pursue science, female Intel Science Talent Search finalists share their experiences on how they stayed involved:

* Create a science network. A support group of like-minded classmates and buddies can strengthen a girl&rsquos interest and achievement in science and engineering subjects.

* Find a mentor. Teachers, neighbors, parents of friends and even enterprise leaders in your neighborhood make excellent mentors in science and math. They help girls visualize the thrilling path ahead of them.

* Get your hands dirty. You can only understand so significantly about science by reading a textbook. Immerse your self in hands-on experiences, in the laboratory or out in the field. Really doing science is what makes science so fun.

* Embrace your distinctive viewpoint. Study has found that guys and females method troubles from diverse angles, which offers girls interested in science the potential to offer new and creative recommendations.

* Prepare to be shocked. Science is exciting. Girls can understand and discover cutting-edge territory and be involved in researching breakthroughs in science. These breakthroughs, from medical treatment options to environmental options, can lead to altering the world.

* Don&rsquot give up. Stereotypes exist, but they shouldn&rsquot avert a girl from doing something she loves. Rather, embrace the challenge of going against socially-constructed limits and wow absolutely everyone.

As the 19 female finalists in the 2013 Intel Science Talent Search prove, girls can succeed in the fields of science and math and get pleasure from what they&rsquore understanding, as well. These who explore and study these subjects have excellent future profession possible and will embark on a journey of discovery in their studying.

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