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Get your manners fit for summer

Summer season is the season for reconnecting with pals, spending time with loved ones and maybe even igniting a summer romance. From shared vacation houses and dining out to concerts and ball games, 1 or more people normally really feel they paid a lot more than their fair share for group outings. Don&rsquot let sticky financial situations place a chill in your relationships. With some simple-to-bear in mind ideas, you can breeze through summer time and focus on what&rsquos truly essential: time with these you care about.

Lizzie Post, etiquette professional, author and great-fantastic-granddaughter of etiquette pioneer Emily Post, has some suggestions on how to get your manners in shape for the summer, along with approaches to get money back:

Be a gracious property guest

If you&rsquore a guest in somebody&rsquos home this summer time, don&rsquot overlook to bring some thing for the host. You can acquire a present, or take them out to dinner in the course of your visit.

The expense for a weekend away can add up even if you&rsquore staying with a friend. But if you use your BankAmericard Money Rewards credit card, you can earn 1 percent money back on a hostess present, two percent money back on groceries for a cookout and three percent money back on gas for the trip. For much more details, go to www.bankofamerica.com/CreditCards.

Wedding season in moderation

Sharing the price of a wedding present with buddies is a fantastic way to give the couple a memorable present without draining your bank account.

Wedding parties (showers, luncheons, and so forth.) don&rsquot always need a gift. Regional custom often dictates what&rsquos expected. If you&rsquore invited to more than one event, you can give a present at one particular party and bring modest token gifts to the others. Concepts contain: a favorite photo in a nice frame or a homemade collection of recipes.&nbsp If you&rsquore not certain regardless of whether to bring a gift, ask the host.

No a lot more I.O.U.s

If you owe an individual funds, it&rsquos rude to make them ask for it. So when the ballgame tickets are bought or the house rental contract comes through, be the very first friend to spend.

Settle up by transferring funds to friends and household by means of your bank&rsquos mobile app, such as the a single from Bank of America. All you need is their e-mail or mobile telephone number to securely send cash &ndash no require to find an ATM or mail a check.

Avoid family members flare-ups &nbsp

Recognize your role in any summer time social scenario. When it comes to household, make positive you know: are you the host, guest or is this a joint venture? If you&rsquore unsure, you may unintentionally make a faux pas by not paying your share for an outing.

If you comply with these ideas this summer season, you&rsquoll be certain to remain on the appropriate side of etiquette expectations, earning appreciation from buddies, loved ones and as an added bonus, your wallet.

For a lot more info, visit www.bankofamerica.com.

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