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Get crafty with these holiday gift wrap ideas

Make wrapping gifts a lot more fun this holiday season. Get your supplies prepared, invite some pals and turn up the holiday music.

Just before you get began, right here are some creative present wrapping tips from well-known crafting blogger, Cindy Hopper, founder of SkipToMyLou.org.

&ldquoI love wrapping holiday gifts &ndash from tiny treasures like Dunkin&rsquo Donuts(R) seasonal packaged coffee to bigger presents like children&rsquo toys and electronics &ndash in unexpected and inventive approaches,&rdquo says Hopper. &ldquoYou don&rsquot need to have a lot of money, just some motivation and imagination, to develop packaging that will make any present recipient smile.&rdquo

* A touch of fun &ndash Make packaging playful by adding a small toy like a jump rope as ribbon or jingle bells to the best of the present.

* Tie two together&ndash Have the gift and its wrapping complement 1 yet another. Place a bag of new Dunkin&rsquo Donuts Gingerbread Cookie packaged coffee in a cookie jar. Present the Pumpkin Spice range in a basket of mini-pumpkins, or serve Mocha Mint with a favourite chocolate bar.

* Preserve a cushion &ndash Replace packing peanuts with colorful tissue paper, blown up balloons or even wrapped candies, to develop an eye-catching display when recipients open their package.

* Wrap it up &ndash Instead of getting wrapping paper, see what&rsquos available at home to use. Newspaper comics, wallpaper scraps or even pages from an old atlas or map make memorable present wrap.

* Appear to nature&ndash Add a fresh flower, pretty shell or sprig of mistletoe for an elegant, outside element to any holiday present.

* Contain yourself &ndash As an alternative of the normal cardboard box, house gifts in decorative tins, hat boxes or fruit crates for a clever presentation.

* Two in 1 &ndash If gifting seasonal food or beverages, pair the gift with serving products. For instance, supply Dunkin&rsquo Donuts packaged coffee in a mug, or wrap the package with a ribbon attached to a coffee scoop.

* Tag, you&rsquore it&ndash Concentrate on the gift tag. Use unusual items like recipe cards, luggage tags or coasters to identify present recipients.

* Stamp it out &ndash View plain wrapping paper as a canvas by covering it with a unique pattern of colorful rubber stamp prints.

* Monogram madness &ndash Personalize presents by such as the recipients&rsquo initials on the wrapping. Create their initials all more than the paper or affix reduce out letters or cookie cutters in their initials as tags.

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