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Easy solutions to backyard problems so gardeners can focus on fun

For time-stretched gardeners who choose to appreciate their backyards rather than operate in them, several new goods make outdoor living easier. Each offers a thoughtful answer to a common outdoor living dilemma, offering time-saving help to gardeners, gadget geeks and all who adore to concentrate on fun outdoors.&nbsp

* Outdoor lantern creates its personal electricity &ndash Adding outdoor lighting to a patio or gazebo significantly increases its charm and usefulness. Caframo&rsquos Joi Light tends to make it straightforward to add lighting to outside spaces with no installing electrical energy or relying on cords, batteries or solar power. This inventive new lantern is heat-powered, drawing on a thermoelectric reaction to magically transform the heat from a single tealight candle into enough light to brighten an outdoor dining location. Rated safe for use inside or out, the lantern is ruggedly constructed of strong stainless steel, aluminum and heat-resistant safety glass.

* A new mulch that offers heavy-duty weed prevention &ndash A lot of homeowners currently praise Preen weed preventer. By sprinkling the granular pre-emergent on top of soil or mulch they stop weed seeds from sprouting for up to 3 to four months per application. Now there&rsquos new Preen Mulch Plus. This organic shredded-wood mulch with added weed preventers already mixed in will cease weeds for up to six months, assured. It&rsquos sold in bags at Lowe&rsquos and independent garden centers nationwide.

* Grow tasty tomatoes and roll unattractive plants out of sight &ndash Absolutely nothing beats the flavor of juicy homegrown tomatoes. Couple of can resist those round red &ldquobig boys.&rdquo But, frankly, by mid-summer season, the plants themselves are significantly less appealing. Tomato plants are big, sprawling and tend to drop their decrease leaves. 1 resolution is to use the new Self-Watering, Rolling Tomato Planter available from Plow and Hearth. &nbspRoughly 25-by-14-by-13-inches, the lightweight transportable polypropolene tub on wheels boasts built-in self-watering attributes and a steel tower to support heavy tomato plants. Roll the planter into the sun for developing and out of the way for parties.

* Bird-feeding with flair, not fuss &ndash Watching colorful birds cavort at bird feeders is such a treat: cleaning old-fashioned bird feeders is not. Droll Yankees solves this issue with new simple-clean, no bacteria feeders for song birds of all sorts and hummingbirds, as well. Amongst functions provided is a single-step, pull-ring access to previously hard-to-reach areas, plus new microban-technologies to cease germs and mold from developing exactly where birds feed on seed or nectar.

For gardeners, there&rsquos actual appeal to sensible items that place common backyard problems in their place. So listen to the birds sing, appreciate the sight of a weed-cost-free garden and slice open a juicy homegrown tomato by the light of a heat-powered lamp.

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