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Don’t miss a beat this college basketball season

The college basketball tournament is one particular of the most fascinating instances of the year for basketball fans across the nation, so much so that workplace productivity takes a nosedive.

According to a survey by MSN and Impulse Research, 30 % of folks devote 3 hours or far more per day following the tournament throughout function &ndash that&rsquos nearly half of the average operate day! Whether you&rsquore watching from your desk or from your couch, the following suggestions can assist you stay in the know this season and assist make you the MVP among your buddies and co-workers.

Get social. Follow your favorite players and teams on social networks such as Twitter, and check out tournament hashtags to join the conversation around the best teams, greatest plays and newest wins or losses. Hot news frequently breaks on social media ahead of it hits the presses, so hold a finger on the pulse of social networks to get the news first.

Speed issues up. If you&rsquore going to invest 3 hours or a lot more following the tournament every single day, saving time is essential. On typical, people shed 1 day of life per year waiting for Net pages to load, and during the college basketball season, there&rsquos no time to waste! According to a study by Principal Technologies, Inc., Sports on MSN for Windows eight is seven times more quickly, on average, than the leading 4 significant online sports web sites, creating it a swift, straightforward way to get all your tournament news. Who knows, you might even be able to squeeze in an additional game with all the time you&rsquoll save.

Stay connected.&nbsp Why stick to one particular game at a time, when you can comply with a number of? 1 third of men and women have their laptops by their side as they watch the college basketball tournament games at residence, so they can preserve up on all the excitement. If you don&rsquot want to miss a beat this season, do as the sports gurus do and set up a multiscreen expertise. Even though you&rsquore watching one particular game on Television, go to MSN.FOXSports.com on your laptop so you don&rsquot miss a factor.

Download tournament apps. On the go? Download various tournament applications for your phone or tablet to watch games on the go, share your bracket, and chat with other passionate fans. You can even set alerts on your telephone to send you a reminder when a game is about to start or a score update when there are just a handful of minutes left in the game to prevent any games from falling off your radar.

With these quick and easy tips, you&rsquore certain to stay in the know whether or not you are at property, operate or someplace in between. Give them a shot and you&rsquoll be ahead of the game.

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